Beach Escapade Essay

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I've been thinking about the beach, waters and the sands for weeks now realizing I haven't even shared our Canyon Cove getaway yet. It is something that is worth sharing for and I can't believe I almost forget to blog about it. So without further adieu, here is the story of our first long drive (just the three of us) and beach escapade. The best part is, it was well an unplanned trip.

January was supposed to be a month for our barkada (college friends) outing. Our personal belongings were all packed for an overnight trip but something came it didn't push through. But since it's too late to cancel my leave and with the expecting daughter (the one who were super excited about the supposed trip) my husband suggested that we go on with our beach
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We end up going on and off the pool and the beach swimming, taking selfies (yes selfies included haha, above and under waters) taking pictures of the scenery, having fun at the sands, finding corals and NEMO (we found a school of fishes nearby, on a 5 feet deep ocean waters) and making the most in kayaking until sunset. Here are some of our activity photos that day.

I am too slow to take pictures of them, I only catch one.

Corals, do not step on it nor destroy it.

Time check it's almost 4 in the afternoon but we're still having fun relaxing on the pool as well.

We spent most of our time in the waters as were really having fun. The sun, the wind and waters are all warm keeping us relax the whole time.

Mid afternoon shots of the blue skies. Summer...ry shot
But one of my best memorable moment on the whole trip was during sunset. It was a moment I made so many realizations. I felt a connection with the nature and repeatedly telling myself of how great God creations are and just be grateful for..... for the gift of family.

Another summer...ry shot I took

One of God's great creation - The gradient colors of Sunset

Footsteps on the sand

The calm waters of

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