Descriptive Essay About Aruba

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I believe Aruba is the best Caribbean resort island. Aruba is a small Dutch island that is located in the Southern Caribbean Sea. The island is 15 miles off the shore of Venezuela and is located outside the hurricane belt. The island is 19 miles long and 6 miles wide with lots of beaches. Aruba is an independent country and the people speak lots of languages. Aruba has their own currency called the Aruban Florican and the exchange rate is 1.75 for 1 US dollar. Half of Aruba is a desert and the other half is green. The green side has lots of resorts, beaches and restaurants. The people in Aruba planted plants to make it look nice for tourists. The island is very windy and the wind averages about 15 - 20mph. The average rainfall in Aruba is …show more content…
The most common are water activities such as swimming, jet skis, banana boats, etc.. Aruba has beaches that are miles long. For example, Eagle beach is a white coral beach that is 5 miles long. This beach is free to the public. The island’s clear blue water is warm and has lots of waves. In comparison, Saint Martin or other Caribbean Islands don’t have white sandy beaches that extend 5 miles. My family and I rented Jet skis and a banana boat on the beach. The ocean was like bath water and was clear which enabled me to see the water life. It was exciting and thrilling to see different types of fish and turtle. Therefore, snorkeling and diving are popular water activities. When I went snorkeling with my family, I saw schools of colorful fish. Other popular activities unique to Aruba is windsurfing due to its trade winds. It is windy daily which helps the surfboard go fast.

My family and I enjoy sightseeing. There is a lot to see on the island because Aruba is 70 square miles. I highly recommend using ATVs to explore the island because cars are limited in how far they can travel throughout the island. Not all the roads are paved and some are created out of dirt. When I was traveling on the ATVs, I saw beautiful landscapes and

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