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  • How To Write A Phd Personal Statement

    Personal Statement I am applying for the Ph.D. program in Business Administration with a specialization in Marketing and I will state the skills that I have and will make me a valuable candidate. Also, I will state how this program will help me to achieve my goals. After finishing my high school, I been admitted to one of the leading universities in the area, King Faisal University. I enrolled in the Diploma program and specialized in Marketing, and after graduating with high GPA; I received a scholarship to pursue my undergraduate and earned a B.A. in Marketing. I also received another scholarship to study abroad, in the U.S.A., and study English and Masters degree in Business Administration, which I earned with emphases in International Business and Supply Chain Management. While doing my MBA, I have written many papers and research and made presentations. Moreover, I was fortunate to be chosen with other 5 student from more than 500 applicants to join Raytheon Company in a summer internship and learn more about defense industry and how defense company communicate with customers, segments the market, and close the deal. Furthermore, I became the president of the Saudi Students Association. Additionally, before I graduate, I was able to secure an internship at The Commercial Attaché at The Royal Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Washington D.C., which turned out to a full time job. Working for the Commercial Attaché at The Royal Embassy of The Kingdom of Saudi…

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  • Personalities And Differences Of Mohammed Alrefaei From Saudi Arabia

    Personalities and Speaks I am Mohammed Alrefaei from Saudi Arabia, I was born in March 26, 1994, I am talkative and bold most of the time. In Saudi Arabia people respect who is talkative and have bold personality. It’s part of our culture, that people know my personality by my way of speaking to them. As I am known in Saudi Arabia that I have a strong personality because of my way of speaking Arabic. I didn’t know that my personality will change in different language. Communication is so…

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  • The Importance Of Hearing In The United States

    As an individual is hard to help those people which suffer from poverty, violence, and those people that are unemployed. In the United States, we have much more freedom than other countries. Having our voice heard can be helpful in many ways. In order for our voice to be heard, we must have the support of others or at least know someone who is powerful. Even a president cannot make its own decisions. The president decisions are depending on the number of votes. Protesting can solve some of the…

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  • Political Issues In Saudi Arabia

    distinction between classes of people. In the late nineteenth century, the country that we know today as Saudi Arabia, was just known as Arabia. It was ruled over by the Turks until a young Prince by the name of Ibn Saud decided that he wanted to unite these different factions into one Kingdom. King Ibn Saud accomplished this in 1932, with the help of religious warriors known as the Ikwan, who fought mercilessly to defend the country and their ways, through the practice of Wahhabism, extreme…

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  • Personal Aspects Of Generosity

    I was born in Saudi Arabia, and I’m from Arab origins dating back to the Arabs who lived in Yemen before decades, this from the Father side. On the other hand, my mother’s origins back to the south of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from an area that is called Al-Aflaj, which belong to the city of Riyadh, capital city of Saudi Arabia. In fact, I was working as an employee management at the Deanship of Student Affairs for nearly twelve years, specifically from the end of 2001 until the end of 2013.…

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  • Nasif Historical House

    cultures (Telmesani et al., 2009). Nasif Historical House or “in Arbic Bayt Nasif” is one of the most important building in the historic district which has been chose to be a case…

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  • Affordable Student Houses Close To Campus Case Study

    Looking for Affordable Student Houses Close to Campus Education is the most important gift a parent can give to a child. It is the only thing that can be called a valuable investment which a parent can die comfortably knowing that the child can survive all alone in this harsh world. It is therefore not something negotiable in the current world bearing in mind that the current situation demands knowledgeable people to survive in it. Education is expensive, that is something unavoidable but…

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  • Consequences Of Realism In To Build A Fire, Genesis Of The Tenements

    This selection was written to describe the conditions of tenement houses, overcrowded slums that filled New York City during the late 1900’s. The first sentence of this selection states, “The first tenement New York knew bore the mark of Cain from its birth, though a generation passed before the writing was deciphered.” The author means that tenement houses were “cursed,” or were terrible creations from the very beginning, but this was ignored and not tended to for a long time. The owners of…

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  • Apartment And House Advantages And Disadvantages

    Apartments and houses are very different from one another. I lived in an apartment complex for about six years, and there are plenty of advantages and disadvantages from my experience about that style of living. Living in an apartment is sometimes unsafe. When I was 11 years old, and my brother was 16. My brother tripped onto the street while riding his bike. There was a woman driving over the speed limit and ran my brother over leaving him with a fractured arm. My brother was rushed to the…

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  • Speech About Littering

    A perfectly imperfect world The picture below is of an urban residential suburb. I’d like to start off by asking you how you feel or what you think when you drive through the tree-lined streets of areas like Westville, Umhlanga or Musgrave, with its large homes and precipitous driveways? Cliff notes version of my thoughts: • Sense of hope and potential • Encourages one to dream for the future • Wouldn’t be tempted to litter because the community is so clean • Gives the impression that the people…

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