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  • Colonial Houses In Colonial America

    plantations. In the houses, there were many rooms including a separate living room and dining room. By this time they had glass windows, multiple fireplaces, and plenty of furniture. Lots of their houses were built in a style that reflected the architecture of the owner's homeland. There were german, dutch, Spanish, and English colonial styles built in many different regions. The log cabins were a rectangular shape. The cabins are around sixteen feet long and about fourteen feet wide. They used round logs with the bark left on the tree to build the walls. When they built the cabins they cut notches in the wood or they used wooden pegs to hold the wood…

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  • Native American Culture Architecture Analysis

    The prominence of the culture Europe brought over mainly appeared across the Eastern seaboard (and some parts of the West) where the New World was gaining momentum. The beauty of architecture is every country has their own personal style. What separates America is the diversity that has inspired architecture up to this point. Numerous stylings such as Georgian, British colonial and Spanish colonial that originated in parts of Europe have carried over to America permanently to provide a sense of…

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  • Ranching Essay

    Things to know about Ranching Ranching is what lots of people think of as dirty work. Which is true, but it can also be very enjoyable. It just depends on the person and what kind of things that person likes to do. Now if that person enjoys nature, but doesn 't mind seeing death then ranching may be a good career. It also depends on how hard a worker that person is, or if the person is just lazy. However lots of people also don’t like it as much, because there are not a lot of benefits. Ranching…

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  • Analysis Of Revolution On The Range By Courtney White

    In Revolution on the Range, Courtney White describes how the American West is coming into a new waive of ranching. How ranching is not just about making money to survive anymore, but also a way to help preserve their land and the land of those around them. For too long the Federal Government has taken away from the rancher’s livelihood, putting restrictions on how many cattle they are allowed to have, where they are allowed to graze, and taking away their right to controlled grass fires.…

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  • Style Elements In Lusus Naturae

    In the story Lusus Naturae, it is believed that the most effective style elements utilized by the author are the story’s linear timeline, its somber tone/ mood, and its descriptive imagery in the form of literal/ figurative descriptions. These three style elements used by the author allow the reader to stay invested in the story, leaving them constantly The first effective style element used is the linear timeline in Lusus Naturae. This style element allows the reader to comprehend the changes…

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  • The Use Of Narrative Techniques In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

    narrative structures of these two stories are very different, but they all have one thing in common, which is their fascinating ways of expression to create conflicts and tensions. In the masterpiece of Cathedral by Raymond Carver, the narrative style along with the well constructed architect of the story and theme combines together to form an excellent story. Cathedral has a first person narrative style, the first person narrator tells the story in fragments of sentences, often short and…

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  • Style In Cormac Mccarthy's The Road

    Authors have the power to create a vivid image in a reader's mind through the use of style. Style is a technique an author uses to illustrate the bona fide meaning behind the text, some may call this the voice of the writer. The tone of the text is the attitude and mood towards the subject, generally conveyed through the word choice of the writer. The pace of the text emphasises the setting, atmosphere and the focus of the plot movement. The vocabulary is important because it pieces, both those…

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  • Three Wise Men Tone Analysis

    For example, Eggers uses a different tone when describing Mae’s infatuation and love for The Circle, but casts a different tone while portraying Mercer’s disdain with the company’s level of power and all of the trauma it’s caused. While Mae is at work, she loves the fast paced work and the fact that there’s always something going on. While outside of the circle and work Mae comes home or goes kayaking, and the tone shifts. Mae begins to enjoy the steady calm waters, and enjoy lounging around her…

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  • Literary Devices In The New Dress By Virginia Woolf

    Virginia Woolf’s The New Dress has many themes and literary devices. The story shows the style of stream of consciousness that Woolf uses. Virginia Woolf’s writing style is creative because many people do not use it in today’s writing. Woolf’s writing style of stream of consciousness uses Mabel’s thoughts and events that happened. Woolf decided to write in a stream of consciousness style, and her choice of writing let her use flashbacks as a literary device. She was able to use flashbacks and…

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  • All Quiet On The Western Front Chapter 1 Analysis

    Pick Up Lines and Open(ing) Seduction Erich Maria Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front begins the chapter with Paul Baumer and his classmates replenishing themselves with dietary needs. According to Foster’s How to Read Novels Like a Professor, “...first sentence...It establishes the main family of the novel…” (24). With that in mind, Remarque has already implied that the time frame should be around a place of war: “We are at rest five miles behind the front” (1). Remarque starts to…

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