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  • Batammaliba Architectural Style

    [Maya Marcy and Derek Ramirez] The Batammaliba are a Neolithic tribe located in Togo, Africa. They pride themselves on building circular clay homes that are still around today, and continue to be built by the community. There is no doubt that these homes are integral and important to the Batammaliba, as they are built with care and are constantly maintained. However, the way they cherish their home does raise some important questions; What does the home of the Batammaliba - the architecture and the personalized style - say about their people and their identity as a whole? What underlying meaning is behind the Batammaliba architectural decisions? [Maya Marcy] In the beginning of the year we learned that the home of the Batammaliba was a sacred…

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  • American Craftsman Home Analysis

    to the 1950s. This two story Craftsman home has a square floorplan, muti-panned windows, and a continuous brick foundation. The wood framed building is sheathed in horizontal wood beveled siding on the second story and split wood shingles are on the porch header on the first story. The porch appears to have been altered; since it lacks Craftsman features such as the porch header meeting the columns, which soothes the transition of architectural elements to give it a natural look.…

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  • Comparison Of Socrates, Herodotus, Alexander The Great And Julius Caesar

    Socrates, Herodotus, Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar. These are a few names that are known throughout history for their contributions to modern society. Rather it be in art, philosophy or war, modern society has been influenced one way or another by these men as well as the culture from that time period in history. Their concepts and ideas have been distributed into America’s culture and building practices. The architectural design of that era has also made its way into the very…

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  • Henry Hobson Richardson: The Revival Of Ancient Architecture

    When the Industrial Revolution started, it resulted in the world changing at a high pace. So, the people started to desire a simpler, and a more stable time. That’s when the revival of ancient architecture started to form. Each type of revival style was associated with a specific architect, for instance, A.W.N. Pugin was England’s leading Gothic revivalist. The revivals of the ancient architecture influenced the architectural designs of many architects of the time. Two of the most noted…

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  • St Pauls Cathedral Analysis

    Cathedral was in purposed to replace the other cathedral that is Charles Webb’s St Paul’s Cathedra so to fulfil the religion need. Therefore, In Victoria, St Paul ‘s Cathedral becomes the core of the Church of England. Thirdly, The cathedral also helped to provide extra Christian Service for the public as the population is growing dramatically in Melbourne6. Style St Paul’s Cathedral is built in Gothic Style, which were half Early English and half decorated7. The cathedral is a mixed…

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  • Gothic Architecture Research Paper

    encompass the subject and do justice to the topic. Architecture can also be examined in the evolution of how the purpose, style, and durability has changed over the many years. Architecture has always served a purpose in designing structures for survival and communal reasons. As time has…

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  • Compare And Contrast Gothic And Romanesque

    Romanesque and Gothic are two styles of architecture that were flourished during the Medieval Period, between the tenth to fifteenth centuries. First, the Romanesque style began and was later spread throughout Western Europe in a short period of time, which later on gave way to the Gothic style of architecture. Although Gothic style was followed by the Romanesque, they have had many similarities but also many differences as well. Romanesque style of architecture was generally considered as…

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  • Ponce De Leon Hall History

    time (Horn). The main building of the hall is now used mostly for student housing purposes, but the exterior architectural features and domed lobby space showcase impressive design features and elements of styles that we have covered this semester (Branch). It originally served as a hotel and “luxury resort,” before being converted to collegiate use 47 years ago. Today, the hall is considered a “National Historic Landmark” and “masterpiece” of “Spanish Renaissance architecture” in the 19th…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Two Architectures Of Authority

    buildings I truly admire and find most riveting are the Wainwright Building, and the Jeppesen Terminal Building. These two such buildings conquered some barriers, affiliated with the people in their areas, made people feel stunned, and functioned to astonish creations for the U.S., and the world to see. Architectures that are built very structured and elegant are much closer and valuable to art. If one was asked for a Chicago School architectural style it would continuously say to be the…

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  • Modern Architecture: The Early Twentieth Century

    reject designing with the traditional materials, such as bricks, and the traditional neoclassical architectural style which the building was being decorated with ornamental elements. The early twentieth showed an emergence of new technologies and materials. Engineers were using those technologies and materials to design and construct new building types such as train stations and exhibition buildings. Such designs influence architects of that period to design and experiment with those…

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