Personal Narrative: The Two Architectures Of Authority

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The Two Architectures of Authority

Ever looked at a building and thought how did this magnificent, gifted person create this astonishing, unbelievably ginormous building? Architecture is one of the most captivating work of a man’s time since the beginning it all started. Architecture is art, just like painting, drawing or sculpturing, consequently without architectures, there wouldn’t be jobs, offices, art, and most importantly imagination. In my opinion architectures is what keeps us going in our daily lives and without them people would never have jobs, imagination, or even learn the aspects of art, the universe would have been terribly uninteresting. Architecture has taught me to learn all the values of art, to have a fantasy, creativity
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The Wainwright building is the most superior looking building in St. Louis because it was the most important ten-story skyscraper designed by the magnificent architect, Sullivan. Sullivan always wanted to put people in shock with his creativity plans he never wanted people to feel boring as if they aren’t starring at something so pure and graceful. The Jeppesen Terminal Building left millions in people surprised and astound. The Fentress Bradburn Architects have so much inventiveness and originality. Their phenomenal work made the Jeppesen Terminal history; it’s one of the largest airport by land area in the United States and is continuously talked about all around the world due to the vast amount of public artwork located throughout the concourses, what makes people feel the pleasure of beauty and art is that the paintings, statues amongst the walls and hallways of the airport never make people want to pass by it. ( These two beautiful architectures make me really want to explore the real world and find out and learn about many more architectures and their background history. I predict that so many people that were inspired by the Wainwright and the Jeppesen Terminal will become more convenient and will have such a big impact on them. It will teach lots of upcoming generations that you can build and design almost anything you want in this world, it will teach them to have endless imagination and the passion for art. The famous Architect Louis Sullivan stated that “To teach is to touch the heart and impel it to action.” I agree with Sullivan because if you don’t make people feel amazed and put them in such a great feeling, then you aren’t putting much effort into your actions. I learned a lot from both the

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