Compare And Contrast Gothic And Romanesque

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Romanesque and Gothic are two styles of architecture that were flourished during the Medieval Period, between the tenth to fifteenth centuries. First, the Romanesque style began and was later spread throughout Western Europe in a short period of time, which later on gave way to the Gothic style of architecture. Although Gothic style was followed by the Romanesque, they have had many similarities but also many differences as well. Romanesque style of architecture was generally considered as the first unified, self-contained, and independent style of Medieval Europe. Eric Fernie (2006) stated that; in 1819, William Gunn first applied the term 'Romanesque' to architecture, the term was used for all the masonry buildings of the Western Europe …show more content…
From manor houses to castles, monasteries and churches arose everywhere. The basic form of the Romanesque church derived from the earlier churches that were inspired by the early Christian basilicas, similar to the Carolingian churches. There were several key structural advances and changes in the form made by the Romanesque builders. As Alison Lee Palmer (2009) stated in her book; the Gothic style originated in the area around Paris called Ile-de-France, during the middle of the twelfth century, which also coincided with the growth of the French monarchy and lasted until the fourteenth century. The Gothic style of architecture grew out of the Romanesque style in order to include more sophisticated and advanced architectural structures that had detailed ornamentation, like; high roofs, broad interiors, pinnacles, and also flying buttresses that were external. 'Gothic', the Northern European style was named due to the mistaken and harmful belief that was introduced by the German Visigoths, who were also credited with the fall of the Roman Empire. This name was undergone despite all the mischaracterizations and was later represented as a more modern and aristocratic outgrowth of the Romanesque style of

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