Georgian architecture

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  • Tbac House Typology Analysis

    time, the kitchen. It is thought to have been destroyed in the late 18th Century and its original position isn’t known. (See Figure 2.1) all that remains are a few photos of the original kitchen itself. The Tubac House (See Figure 1.2) was constructed in 2000 and designed by the architect Rick Joy. The House is located on the outskirts of Tubac, Arizona, USA. The House is also known as the Tyler Residence (named after its first tenants.) The architect of the house takes pride in the desert, the environment in which the house was built; he has great admiration for the fragility of the landscape. The Style of the Bertram house is an English Georgian red brick style. In the earlier days of Cape Town these types of houses were once common however the Bertram house is the last remaining example of this style in Cape Town. The Georgian Style resembles an English Country house and it often is what we would link to be a “generic house” (See Figure 2.2) No different from how a child would draw a house. Basically a house with: Large Windows, Pitched Roof, Chimney, Centralized door, Flat Façade. (See Figure 2.3) The Style of the Tubac house is a bit unclear however it was designed around the notion of simplicity, function and respect of its surroundings - a house that almost blends into its environment. This can be seen by its lack of embellishments and how little impact it has on the environment both physically and in terms of attention drawn away from the surrounding landscape.…

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  • Robert Adam's Influence On Palladian Neoclassicism

    Robert Adam was one of the most important British architects, he transformed Palladian Neoclassicism in England into the airy, light, elegant style, his main force was the harmony between his design elements that extended beyond architecture and interiors to include both the fixed and moveable objects, his style was influenced by classical designs but he coupled this with his study of other styles such as the Italian Renaissance and didn’t follow them strictly the way Palladianism did.…

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  • Conger Lumber Company Case Study

    lock-up and 10 strokes of the cat-of-nine-tails. Time being more precious they both chose the combination punishment getting 5 lashes the next day and the last 5 twelve days later. Thomas left Foley as the lumber industry in Foley and Conger Townships became too marginal and headed for Ramsey, Ontario, originally a gold mine town but in 1947, as Thomas arrived, it was turning into a lumber town. Lottie and Thomas retired back in Parry Sound with Lottie passing away on May 26, 1966 and Thomas…

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  • Colonial Houses In Colonial America

    In the south as the colonies grew wealthy landowners started building large farms called plantations. In the houses, there were many rooms including a separate living room and dining room. By this time they had glass windows, multiple fireplaces, and plenty of furniture. Lots of their houses were built in a style that reflected the architecture of the owner's homeland. There were german, dutch, Spanish, and English colonial styles built in many different regions. The log cabins were a…

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  • The American Romantic Hero In The Last Of The Mohicans

    The American Romantic Hero is a literary archetype referring to a character that rejects established norms and conventions, and has been rejected by society. The 1992 movie, The Last of The Mohicans loosely follows the original book about the journey of Hawkeye and his family as they help Cora and Alice Munro and Colonel Duncan Heyward against Huron war chief, Magua during the French and Indian war. During the movie Hawkeye displays many characteristics that make him an American romantic hero.…

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  • Sliding Patio Door Research Paper

    the entrance door, define Craftsman homes. You'll also see exposed beams not typically seen in some other traditional styled homes. These are some of the defining features that draw people toward the Arts and Crafts era dwelllings. French style patio doors will showcase your patio entrance. When considering replacement windows that will complement your new patio doors, think simple, clean lines. Examples include rectangular windows that are taller than they are wide, or an equal leg arch above…

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  • Personal Essay: My Eternal Love For Architecture And Architecture

    My first tryst with architecture was back in 2000; I was about 10 years old and my parents had started the construction of our new house. We took weekly trips to the construction site and I remember being so fascinated with how a few walls and ceilings, an entity so basic, could create spaces so vastly varying and yet so personal. This had now opened up a whole new spectrum of the built form for me, I was suddenly more conscious of its presence, something I hadn’t even noticed until that time.…

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  • Utopian Urban Planning

    Excessive Planning in the Urban Future: Obstacles to Urban Utopia The utopian-style planning of the urban future has embraced principle, and abandoned practicality. In order to form utopian cities, the planners of urban areas like Brasília and Delhi proposed detailed urban plans that have mostly ignored market factors in favor of heightened urban regulations. In the case of Brasília, these regulations, designed to further the city’s utopian conception, have actually had the opposite effect.…

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  • Air Conditioning

    Introduction There are numerous similarities between a wall air conditioner and a window air conditioner, but the main intention of the former is not to place it on a window. Wall air conditioners are placed directly within the wall of the building. Well, if you already have an air conditioning unit at your home, no worries! The only difference between the wall air conditioner and the central air conditioner is that the former can be mounted to the wall of the building. It also comes with a…

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  • Sustainable Construction

    Introduction This paper examines six peer-reviewed articles addressing the concept of sustainable construction. Sustainable construction is the creation and responsible management of a healthy built environment based on resource efficient and ecological principles (Mokhlesian & Holman, 2012). These resource efficient and ecological principles make changes to the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the structure. Topics discussed in the articles include, but are not limited to,…

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