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  • Cocoa Butter Research Paper

    Healing and Beauty Benefits of Cocoa Butter Cocoa butter is the natural fat extracted from cocoa beans. The process involves fine-grinding the cacao nibs (the seeds inside the cacao pods) which causes friction and melts into liquid known as the chocolate liquor. The more grinding, the smoother the chocolate liquor becomes. Cocoa oil is extracted by pressing and straining the liquor. What remains after pressing and straining is the solid mass of chocolate called the cocoa presscake which is broken down in small pieces and pulverized to powder form. The cocoa oil extracted is left to cool down until it becomes a solid pale-yellow block known as cocoa butter which softens at body temperature. Pure cocoa butter can be used directly on the body.…

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  • Case Study Of Theobroma Cacao

    The cultivar cocoa, Theobroma cacao L is the family of Sterculiaceae. Cocoa is a dicots, it have two cotyledons, taproot and five floral parts. During seed germination, the initial grow is tap root and followed by hypocotyls up above ground level. It take three month to develop mature tree root. In duration, the stem will develop based on growth the cotyledon. The plumule will appear, its depend on emerge of cotyledon and the first four leaves will follow growth. The lateral branch of cocoa tree…

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  • Compare And Contrast Essay About Chocolate

    When it comes to chocolate, there are only two options: you either love it or you are allergic to it; very few people actually dislike the aroma of chocolate. In this essay I will be taking a look at 2 texts about how chocolate is made. Text 1 is an extract from the novel “Chocolat” by Joanne Harris and text 2 is an informational and promotional piece published by, titled “From Bean to Bar”. Both texts talk about a passion for making chocolate, but that is where most of…

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  • Make Chocolate Research Paper

    Chocolate, a food made out of roasted and ground cacao mostly seen in a liquid or solid block form, is an all time favorite sweet. Theobroma Cacao has been a native tree to Latin American countries way before Columbus set foot in the new world. During the Mayan and Aztec Empire, cacao beans weren 't used as food but as currency and a bitter drink. Around 1519, an unknown Spaniard mixed sugar and cacao together creating the sweet chocolate flavor we know. The process of making…

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  • Chemistry Of Chocolate Research Paper

    chemistry in it. Chocolate is a food used in many desserts and comes in many different forms and flavors. It is derived from the cocoa bean and many people have chocolate in some form daily. Chemistry is what gives people the flavors and texture of chocolate that they love. Different Amounts of chocolate liquor and cocoa butter are used in different chocolate products. The various flavors of chocolate are gotten by using different amounts of ingredients. This is similar to making a mixture…

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  • Hudbury Case Study: Utilising And Studying Cadbury

    Scope: Utilising and Studying Cadbury as the case study to demonstrate the understanding of two of the dynamics influences at play within the Organisation. Background: The Story begins when Richard Tapper Cadbury (English Quaker) sent his youngest son, John, to London to study a new tropical commodity: Cocoa. In 1824, John opens a shop at Bull street selling tea, coffee and drinking chocolate. After couple of years in business he saw a rise in sales by 16%. In 1861, Richard and George Cadbury…

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  • John Cadbury Research Paper

    Cadbury, the worldwide pioneer in the chocolate ice cream parlor market, started in 1824 when a youthful Quaker named John Cadbury opened up a shop in Birmingham. John sold espresso, tea, drinking chocolate and cocoa at his shop. Trusting that liquor was a fundamental driver of neediness, John trusted his items may serve as an option. He additionally sold bounces and mustard. In the same way as other Quakers John had astounding guidelines for the greater part of his items. Around then in…

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  • Easy No-Bake Lemon Cheesecake Case Study

    peppermint extract and all of the melted butter and almond oil. 4. Gradually fold the flour mixture into the egg mixture until you have a dough. 5. Place the dough on a lightly floured surface and knead until smooth. 6. Pack the dough onto the prepared baking sheet, then bake for 25 minutes or until firm. 7. Transfer to a cooling rack, then let cool for about 12 minutes. Use a sharp knife to cut into 24 equal pieces. 8. Set oven to 250 degrees F and return the mixture into the oven. Bake for 15…

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  • Nestle And Walmart Environment Analysis

    In recent years, due to more serious environment problems, multinational companies have more focused on Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) which part is related to environmentally protection. Both Nestlé and Wal-Mart Stores are famous multinational company and adopt vigorous measures to protect environment during their daily actions towards CSR. Nestlé which is the world’s largest manufacturer of packaged food and drinks product located Switzerland and its production includes baby food,…

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  • Vermont Teddy Bear Case Analysis

    The article, Peak experiences and strategic IT alignment at Vermont Teddy Bear, discusses the need for an investment and transition to a more modern system to replace the current legacy system in place. To help with a brief overview of the company, Vermont Teddy Bear Company (VTB), a privately owned company, was founded in 1981 by John Sortino. The company began with Mr. Sortino selling hand sewn teddy bears from a push cart. The company's main objective was to design and manufacture teddy…

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