Types of chocolate

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  • Basic Instructions To Make Chocolate

    make some easy, customized chocolates for friends and family instead? Read on to learn the basics of chocolate making and how to tweak the basic instructions to create custom batches of chocolates for each person on your holiday gift list. Custom Chocolate Making Supplies You need very…

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  • Case Study Of Beryl's Chocolate And Confectionary

    chosen Beryl’s Chocolate and Confectionary as our company visit to accomplish our assignment. We visited that company on 17 October 2014 at Friday. We chosen Beryl’s because we want to know the process to make chocolate and what factors that company was sustainable. Beryl’s Chocolate and Confectionary Sdn Bhd (Beryl’s) was established in 1995. The first placement of Beryl’s Chocolate is in Desa Serdang, Selangor. At the first, Beryl’s Chocolate only introduces three products which are Triangle…

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  • The Origin Of Wine Book Summary

    The Origin of Wine by Brendan Borrell posted on the Scientific American Website and Food of the Gods: A History of Chocolate are the two website articles that talk passionately about the origin of the two vitals drinks in the world today, chocolate and wine. Food of the Gods starts with a fascinating approach as various perspectives of chocolate come into play, the use of the word cacao and the transformation of the same into what we call chocolate in the modern world and society today. The…

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  • Johnson's Chocolate Factory Research Paper

    Have you ever wondered how your delicious chocolate was made? Here is the story of the most amazing factory ever built: Johnson’s Chocolate Factory. This story tells the tale of the hard work the men and women do each day inside of the factory. The Johnson Chocolate Factory was built in 1797 by a man named Aaron Johnson. When Aaron was only 18 years old, he decided to build his own business. He opened a chocolate factory because of his love for everything chocolate. In 1804, Johnson’s…

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  • Disadvantages Of Chocolate Consumption

    6. Consumption of chocolate Consumption of chocolate from 1999 to 2020 (in million tons) The world’s biggest chocolate consumers When it comes to league of chocolatics , we found that Switzerland is in front with the annual per capita .It’s well known for its chocolate industry with Toblerone one of its more organizable brands.when Germany is in the second position with the average person eating (17.4 lbs) of chocolate every year . Switzerland 19.8 lbs/year Germany…

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  • Competitor Analysis: Mars Chocolate Bar

    MARS – COMPETITOR ANALYSIS OVERVIEW – • Mars Chocolate bar was first manufactured in England 1932 and was advertised for being as a trade made with Cadbury chocolate couverture. • The Mars bar made a $33 billion dollar revenue last year making its most profitable year in their history. • It came out in Canada with all of its limited edition flavours due to high standards of chocolate bars in Canada. It was known as a candy bar and not a chocolate bar. • Since 2006 all of the…

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  • Trefoils Research Paper

    (Girl Scout Cookie Timeline and Trivia). The cookies have the perfect combination of chocolate, coconut, and caramel, all mixed together to form one delicious, as well as nutritional, cookie. Because of this, they are an American favorite, helping boost the sales Girl Scouts make every season. Samoas may have not been one of the original cookies introduced as the Trefoils have, but by their superior taste, healthier nutritional values, and impressive sale statistics, it is evident that when…

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  • Dark Chocolate Good And Good For You Analysis

    “Dark Chocolate: Good - and Good for You!” NY Daily News, 12 Feb. 2016, www.nydailynews.com/life-style/dark-chocolate-good-good-article-1.2522061. Dr. Diana Hoppe, a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, in her NY Daily News article “Dark Chocolate: Good - and good for you” (2016), discusses that dark chocolate in itself is very beneficial for our body. She describes the different qualities of this delicious treat by telling us a little bit of detail of what it contains. However, she…

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  • Milk Chocolate Case Study

    I chose to reduce the amount of Milk Chocolate by 15gs because it contains a lot of sugar and i would like to reduce that. So to substitute i increased the amount of Plain Chocolate chips which contain less sugar yet they also provide some sweetness. I decided to add a handful of raspberries because they will add some nutrition to the dessert, as well as add a complimentary sour flavour. I decided the tart and ganache should have a slight red colour because it makes it look a little more edgy…

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  • Chocolate Bar Industry Essay

    Chocolate is a worldwide snack that has been around since 1400’s (Szogyi 1997). According to Albright (1997), both Cacoa and America has been discovered around the same time. Chocolate is a mixture cocoa, sugar, cocoa fat, milk fat and many other ingredients (Fao, 1992). It’s a homogeneous product sold all over the world in a billion euro industry (Badiner & Hill, 2013). Chocolate is very popular food product, according to a focus group research Monaco, Ollila and Tuorila (2004) conducted, it…

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