Disadvantages Of Chocolate Consumption

6. Consumption of chocolate
Consumption of chocolate from 1999 to 2020 (in million tons)

The world’s biggest chocolate consumers

When it comes to league of chocolatics , we found that Switzerland is in front with the annual per capita .It’s well known for its chocolate industry with Toblerone one of its more organizable brands.when Germany is in the second position with the average person eating (17.4 lbs) of chocolate every year .

19.8 lbs/year Germany
17.4 lbs/year Ireland
16.3 lbs/year United kingdom
16.3 lbs/year Norway
14.6 lbs/year Sweden
11.9 lbs/year Australia
10.8 lbs/year Netherland
10.4 lbs/year United states
9.5 lbs/year France
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;2We found there was a close ,significant linear correlation between chocolate consumption per capita and the number of Nobel laureates , so we found that Switzerland was the top performers in terms of both the chocolate consumption and the number of Nobel laureates .Disadvantages

Chocolate has few nutritional benefits but has several nutritional disadvantages that are not suitable for your diet .nutritional properties can vary between brands, so check product labels when available. • Nutrition Disadvantage
Chocolate contains caffeine, but less than coffee, so you shouldn't eat large amount if you need to limit your caffeine intake .It is also high in both calories and fats. Many chocolates filled with unhealthy filling consisting mainly of fat and sugar, making them less than healthy choices.
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Chocolate causes your lower esophageal sphincter to relax, which enables the stomach contents to return back upward.
• Effects of Caffeine
Caffeine stimulates your central nervous system, if you eat too many caffeine-containing foods such as chocolate, you may experience depression, rapid heartbeat, restlessness, sleep problems, nausea and vomiting, according to Medicine Plus. Milk chocolate contains less caffeine than dark chocolate, and both contain theobromine, which is a substance closely related to caffeine.
• High saturated fat content
Among disadvantages of eating chocolate is it is only high in total fat, but high in saturated fat, a type of fat that may increase your risk of heart disease. To reduce your risk of heart disease, the American Heart Association suggests a daily limit of 16 grams or less of saturated fat. Chocolate provides half of this amount in each 1.55-ounce serving. the same serving of dark chocolate contains 10.8 grams of saturated fat , but Harvard Medical school explains that the fats in dark chocolate come from the cocoa butter and do not raise cholesterol levels , unlike the fats in milk chocolate that are primarily milk-fats

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