Trefoils Research Paper

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Ever since 1975, when Samoas were introduced as the new addition to the Girl Scout Cookies, they have grown to have a special place in customers' hearts (Girl Scout Cookie Timeline and Trivia). The cookies have the perfect combination of chocolate, coconut, and caramel, all mixed together to form one delicious, as well as nutritional, cookie. Because of this, they are an American favorite, helping boost the sales Girl Scouts make every season. Samoas may have not been one of the original cookies introduced as the Trefoils have, but by their superior taste, healthier nutritional values, and impressive sale statistics, it is evident that when compared to Trefoils, Samoas are the better Girl Scout cookies. Unlike the simple, bland Trefoils, Samoas have a huge variety of flavors due to …show more content…
In addition, Samoas have 50 grams less sodium than Trefoils and three grams less carbohydrates, allowing people with dietary restrictions to eat as many as they would like in moderation ("Trefoils.", "Samoas."). Samoas also contain two percent of Vitamin C, while Trefoils do not contain any vitamins at all ("Trefoils.", "Samoas."). A comparison of the two cookies’ nutritional facts shows that Samoas are clearly healthier of the two. The popularity of the cookies can be seen in their contribution to the total sale of Girl Scout Cookies through the season. Samoas have contributed more than 133 million dollars to the total sale, while Trefoils have made merely 63 million dollars ("How the Girl Scouts Built Their $700 Million Cookie Empire"). The chocolate cookies make up 19 percent of the total sale, the second most after Thin Mints, while the shortbread only makes up nine percent (Willett). The licensed bakers of the cookies can choose any eight Girl Scout Cookies that they wish to make, but three are mandatory, including Trefoils ("Have You Ever Wondered..."). Samoas may not be mandatory to make, but their popularity amongst consumers compels the bakers to include

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