Johnson's Chocolate Factory Research Paper

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Have you ever wondered how your delicious chocolate was made? Here is the story of the most amazing factory ever built: Johnson’s Chocolate Factory. This story tells the tale of the hard work the men and women do each day inside of the factory.

The Johnson Chocolate Factory was built in 1797 by a man named Aaron Johnson. When Aaron was only 18 years old, he decided to build his own business. He opened a chocolate factory because of his love for everything chocolate. In 1804, Johnson’s chocolate was voted the Number 1 chocolate made in America! The factory is the largest chocolate factory in the world, with 450,000 square metres. In 1805, Aaron married a woman named Rose and they had 1 child, named Ellis.The factory was very successful and
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The new worker’s name was Kevin. Kevin never had a job before. Kevin was 27 years old and was a creative man. His dream was to be the head of his own chocolate factory one day.

Kevin worked hard at the factory. He also made lots of friends by telling funny stories and creating new types of chocolate. One day, Kevin went to tell Mr. Johnson about his newest chocolate idea: vanilla chocolate.

“Mr. Johnson! I want to tell you about a new chocolate that I’ve created,” said Kevin.
“I don’t have time for this. I’m busy right now,” shouted Mr. Johnson.
“Please Mr. Johnson. This idea could be one of our greatest inventions ever!” exclaimed Kevin.
“Alright, but say it quickly please,” said Mr. Johnson, annoyed.
“I have a great idea. I want the factory to make vanilla chocolate. It will be just like regular chocolate but with a great vanilla taste to it. And it will be white!” explained Kevin.
“This sounds great!” said Mr. Johnson. “I want you to make vanilla chocolate.”

After a year, vanilla chocolate blew up. Everybody wanted some and everybody wanted to know who had come up with the idea. Of course, Mr. Johnson said that he came up with the idea but all of the workers knew that it was really Kevin . All of the workers knew that Mr. Johnson was selfish and a liar. They all turned against him and refused to go back to work unless Mr. Johnson retired and told the world that Kevin was the real creator of vanilla

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