Types of psychological depression

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  • Psychological Study Of Depression

    Through numerous studies in the field of psychological-health study, as early as 1893, an association between depression and the cause of different types of cancers seem to be widely studied. Five studies based on the link between severe or chronic depression and the development of cancer are reviewed. In a study of the causation of cancer in chronic depressed elders, Chronically Depressed Mood and Cancer Risk in Older Persons, results show that there is a considerable correlation between chronic depression and the risk of cancer in persons of 65 years and older. Out of the 4825 persons from the Established Populations for Epidemiologic Studies of the Elderly studied, 146 persons (3% of the total study sample) are chronically depressed (depressed…

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  • Later Adulthood Case Study

    expecting to increase to 33% by 2031 (Lam, Cervantes, & Lee, 2014). The older adult populations encounter many challenges; one major issue among this population is depression. Clinical systems of major depression are found in 15% to 30% of community-dwelling older adults. Studies also found the rate of major depression were 14%-42% higher among older adult residents of long-term facilities (Lam, Cervantes, & Lee, 2014). Utilizing theories such as resilience theory and Erikson’s psychosocial…

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  • Childhood Depression In Children

    Have you ever gone through depression? It is most likely that the answer to this question is yes, but can a child go through depression? Yes. When we hear the word depression we usually imagine an adult going through depression but not a child, and yet it is more common than we think. Studies have shown that about 5% to 9% of children meet the criteria for a major depression regardless of their gender (Rathus, 2014). What exactly is childhood depression and what are the signs a child is going…

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  • Depression Discrimination Research Paper

    Depression Discrimination: Caging the Beast Within There’s a world in which most people aren’t able to comprehend. A world that’s dark, cold, and oppressive. One that is inhabited by so many, yet spoken by so few. In a personal account, one woman speaks out about such horror. Jamie Flexman states, “It’s like being trapped inside your own prison and true access to your brain lies behind that locked door. Sometimes, briefly, you are allowed outside to stretch your legs but you know this is…

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  • Depression And Insecurity In 'Interpreter Of Maladies'

    Depression and Insecurity in Interpreter of Maladies All relationships and marriages run into problems at one point or another. In Jhumpa Lahiri’s collection of short stories Interpreter of Maladies she wrote about the various problems that come about in different relationships. There is no denying the fact that depression and insecurity are significant personal problems portrayed through the characters Jhumpa Lahiri created. A problem in some relationships is depression. In her article…

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  • Being A Sufferer Of Depression, By Andrew Solomon

    Depression Andrew Solomon believes that depression, a major obstacle faced by many people in today’s society, can change people in a positive way. Solomon believes that people suffering from severe depression can get help from professionals, friends, and family, but only the individual can cure themselves from their depression. Solomon describes this philosophy in his essay, Depression. Being a sufferer of depression, Solomon tactfully makes his argument, as not to suggest that being depressed…

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  • Society's Obsession With Depression

    Depression has become so encrypted into our daily life. It would not be rash to suggest that almost every single person has had experience of depression whether that be personal, or illness of a loved one. Goleman (1992) makes an interesting observation that people born after 1945 are ten times more likely to suffer with depression than people born before this date. What does this mean? Well, firstly it shows that the root cause of most depression cannot be due to increasing chemical imbalances.…

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  • Peterson And Smith's Theory

    the interpersonal model for depression proposed by Coyne (1976), and as suggested in a number of studies (e.g, Gruen, Gwadz, & Morrobel, 1993; Goering, Lancee, & Freeman, 1992), a patients’ close, intimate relationships…

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  • Research Paper On Operation Save Life

    specifically, it focuses specifically on their mental health and well-being. “Major depression is a chronic,common disorder among adolescents, with lifetime recurrence rates estimated at about 70%, and most (40% to 60%) recurring within two years”(Birmaher et al., 1996). Teenagers are suffering, and therefore the future is suffering. To help this suffering and distress, the teenagers need a ray of light. They need something in their lives to give them happiness, something to look forward to.…

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  • How Does Depression Affect Teenagers

    A hushed topic, depression in teenagers has been detected for decades. Still, few people are aware of just how prevalent the disorder is and how it impacts our society today. Cases of teenage depression have increased in number over time, thus causing a trend (Bansal 1). In America today, high school students are five to eight times more likely to suffer from depressive symptoms than teenagers were fifty or sixty years ago (Hales 1). In the past, diagnosis was very rare - it was thought only to…

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