Basic Instructions To Make Chocolate

Some people enjoy baking holiday cookies, while others love the idea, but just don 't have the knack for baking. Preparing batch after batch of those old family cookie recipes can also turn your kitchen into a flour-covered disaster zone that you just hate cleaning up. If you would love to create fun, delicious treats for your family and friends this holiday season, but don 't consider yourself a great baker or simply hate cleaning up the mess, then why not make some easy, customized chocolates for friends and family instead? Read on to learn the basics of chocolate making and how to tweak the basic instructions to create custom batches of chocolates for each person on your holiday gift list.

Custom Chocolate Making Supplies

You need very
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You can also find these at baking supply stores, but any non-toxic brush with bristles that can withstand high temperatures will work.

Once you gather your supplies, then you can officially start making chocolate candies!

Easy Basic Instructions

When making all custom chocolate creations, you will follow the same basic instructions, only varying the shape of your mold, the type of chocolate used, and the filling type.

Begin each custom batch by setting aside the chocolate you will use, the mold, and the filling.
Heat the chocolate in your double boiler or in the microwave until it is melted, then remove from heat.
Paint the bottom of each mold with a thick layer of chocolate (remember this layer must be strong enough to support the weight of the filling, so don 't paint too thin). Let this layer harden by placing it in the refrigerator for just a few minutes, or until it is solid to the touch. Don 't leave it in longer than necessary, or it may crack when it warms up.
Add the candy filling of your choice on top of the first candy layer and top the filling with another thick layer of chocolate, making sure this layer is in contact with the bottom layer of chocolate at the edges to form a tight
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Insert a nut in the middle of the chocolate icing for a fun surprise center.
Caramel nut lovers: Round or square mold, milk chocolate, and melted baking caramel filling. After you pour the melted baking caramel in the center, stick several nuts inside, too, before topping with more chocolate.
Daring: Mold of your choice, white chocolate, and a filing made of a dollop of maple syrup mixed with shelf-stable bacon bits. (Warning: Home-cooked bacon can be used, but only if the chocolates are stored in the refrigerator until they are consumed).
Cherry-lovers: Round mold, dark or milk chocolate, and filled with a maraschino cherry.
Health-minded or diabetic: Mold of your choice, sugar-free chocolate, and filled with dried fruit, healthy nuts, or sugar-free frosting.
Use these ideas as inspiration to create custom chocolates your recipients will love. Also, feel free to decorate the top layer of chocolate before it dries with colored sprinkles or other small, edible candy to make your chocolates look as great as they taste.

If you hate baking cookies or simply don 't have the knack for baking, then create fun, tasty custom chocolates to serve at parties or present as gifts this season. No oven and no headache

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