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  • Analysis Of The Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Greek and Chinese civilizations were what gave rise to legends of griffins, dragons and other monstrous lore. With every new discovery there have been great leaps made in understanding the dinosaurs. Yet there is one dinosaur in particular that has continued to captivate the imagination of children and paleontologist and that is the fierce Tyrannosaurus Rex. The purpose of the paper is to focus on the Tyrannosaurus Rex and to discuss three different topics about the monstrous creature that not many people know about them. The first topic will focus…

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  • Analysis Of Tyrannosaurus Rex: Prehistoric Carnivore

    T-Rex which is short for Tyrannosaurus Rex, was known as a prehistoric carnivore which was also known to be king of the dinosaurs. The Tyrannosaurus Rex was king of the dinosaurs mostly through their physical appearance which led them to have multiple abilities. The T-Rex had strong thighs, powerful tails, and it’s large head which balanced the body out. This appearance helped the dinosaur become more agile and able to move more swiftly/ smoothly. Not only was the dinosaur agile but was a…

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  • Velociraptor Research Paper

    One of the most famous fossils ever found was a velociraptor in the middle of a fight with a protoceratops. The first fossil of the velociraptor that was ever found was in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. It was discovered in 1922. Over the years the velociraptor has been portrayed as being the size of a man, but in reality it was only about the size of a turkey. “A member of the Dromaeosauridae family of small- to medium-sized birdlike dinosaurs, Velociraptor was roughly the size of a small turkey…

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  • Dinosaurs: The Real Monster In Jurassic Park

    Jurassic World and their aunt Claire who basically runs the place. Gray, the younger one, is an intelligent boy and is very excited about the trip while Zach is considerably less interested and seems to be going along just to babysit his younger brother. They arrive on the island and everything goes pretty much according to plan except the part where their aunt is too busy to hang out with them. “Twenty years ago, de-extinction was up there with magic. Now kids look at a stegosaurus like it’s…

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  • Film Analysis: Jurassic Park

    Jurassic Park is a franchise that has captivated audiences since its release by bringing them back to a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. It has heavily influenced the public and their perception of dinosaurs. The series, however, is riddled with scientific inaccuracies, including the size, behavior, and feeding strategies of the dinosaurs. This research paper will focus on the 1993 film Jurassic Park and the portrayal of Brachiosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex, and Velociraptor. It…

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  • The Evolving Planet Summary

    billion years were at the museum. We saw fossils of almost every species of dinosaur, plant, mammal, and even some of the earliest humans. Despite all of these displays, the one that stood out the most was Sue, the best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex fossil ever found. Staring up at this massive T-rex, you wouldn’t be able to fully understand the story behind Sue. Not only how it lived, but also the controversy that followed its discovery. Paleontologist Peter Larson understands the story of…

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  • Sauropoda Research Paper

    Sauropoda For my dinosaur, I chose to research the Sauropoda. According to scientists, the Sauropoda was thought to be alive during the late Triassic period, which was roughly 65 million years ago. As a result of scientist’s theories, they believe that the Sauropoda was killed of at some point during the cretaceous period. Sauropoda means,”Lizard footed”. Because scientist have found more and more information about these dinosaurs, they are still coming up with different theories. The…

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  • Symbolism In A Sound Of Thunder, By Ray Bradbury

    The year is 2055, in Ray Bradbury’s short story, “A Sound of Thunder”, Eckels, an experienced and self-assured hunter, pays a high price to go back in time and hunt a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a time-traveling company, called the Time Safari, Inc. After breaking important rules, Eckels realizes that the adventure was too much for him to handle, as well as unintentionally alters his societies future. “The story tackles the very premise of how mankind’s smallest actions can have universal…

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  • Dinosaurs In Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park

    Dinosaurs were said to be extinct. Said to be gone two-hundred thirty million years ago. Though, Michael Crichton uses his amazing writing skills and universal theme to bring these ancient animals back to life. In the book Jurassic Park, paleontologists, doctors, lawyers, and two children venture off to Costa Rica to see what elder John Hammond and his money has been up to for the past five years. When they arrive one day they could not believe what they saw. Humongous dinosaurs roaming around…

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  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Hypothesis

    The following is a research proposal to explore the possibilities that the Tyrannosaurus rex was a migratory animal. Similar to how trees form annual growth rings- bones also have yearly indicators of growth. By comparing the oxygen isotope levels of each year indicator of the bone with isotopes of the surrounding areas we can see where the Tyrannosaurus rex may have traveled to throughout its life cycle. Assuming the oxygen isotope levels can be calculated for the areas of Interest, the bulk of…

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