Tyrannosaurus Rex Hypothesis

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The following is a research proposal to explore the possibilities that the Tyrannosaurus rex was a migratory animal. Similar to how trees form annual growth rings- bones also have yearly indicators of growth. By comparing the oxygen isotope levels of each year indicator of the bone with isotopes of the surrounding areas we can see where the Tyrannosaurus rex may have traveled to throughout its life cycle. Assuming the oxygen isotope levels can be calculated for the areas of Interest, the bulk of our grant would be spent cutting the oxygen isotope levels from existing fossils. Using USGS maps we can pinpoint locations of sedimentary rock that dates to the late Cretaceous Period. Then using USGS maps of rock type, we can narrow down the sample sites by looking for marine sedimentary rock where standing water used to lay. Typical marine rocks would include …show more content…
If the isotope levels are equivalent then the Tyrannosaurus rex lived in that area in that period of time. If there are consistent shifts in the isotope levels then this shows that Tyrannosaurus rex was a migratory species. Common prey of the Tyrannosaurus rex will also be tested using the same methods. If the isotope levels are consistent with that of the Tyrannosaurus rex then it will show that the Tyrannosaurus rex was migrating through following its prey and not seasonal migration.

Our hypothesis is the Tyrannosaurus Rex was a migratory animal. this will be tested by comparing the oxygen Isotopes found in the yearly layers of bone of known T-Rex fossils to the Isotopes found through field research using USGS maps where a marine sedimentary rock can be found from the late Cretaceous Period.
Further research in this area would include some hypotheses or why the Tyrannosaurus Rex was a migratory animal such as the example of the predators in the Serengeti chasing their prey which in turn was chasing the

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