Golden Geologic History Report: The Journey To Red Rocks Park

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GOLDEN GEOLOGIC HISTORY REPORT It all started with the Big Bang then the whole universe is formed, continued with the formation of the Milky Way, where there is a solar system with the planet Earth and then there were this little town called Golden. This is a report that will travel through time telling the stories of the incidents happened in to this town of Golden. During our journey we must note that the whole geological of Golden is tilted and there were mining done here. Let’s start our journey at Red Rocks Park, the Precambrian Basement, around 1.7 billion years ago, when North America is forming along with the formation of the giant continent Columbia. This is proven by the deep marine limestone and the rock is deposited in the subduction …show more content…
We have travelled to the Morrison formation which is dated to be 150 million years old and the rocks have grain of sizes between clay-sized and 1mm. The Morrison formation has inconsistent lateral thickness as it has thick layers and goes down to thin layers and has tightly compressed sediments. To why we believe the place was roamed with dinosaur as the Morrison formation is deposited near a flooded river or lake which have soft soil for dinosaur to implant dinosaur prints and the site itself is giving out radioactive which is from carnotite decays to uranium as the dinosaur bones are deposited with this element because its porous property, thus letting the ground water to passed through it. The Morrison formation have minerals such as hematite, quartz and clay and due to the iron and copper found in the formation, it causes paleosoil, a red-and-mauve-colored mudstone, to form in the middle section. The main event for the Morrison formation is the regression of sea level. Up next is the Dahkota sandstone, the 100-million-year old formation which with the sign of oscillating ripples indicate a beach front property. The Dahkota sandstone is consisted of quartz, hematite and clay and transgression of sea happened during that

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