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  • Alberg-Ehernstein's The Temple

    exhausted, he can no longer resist his “German will” and has to explore the city one last time, for he had seen a flickering flame in the temple and has to explore the city one last time, for he had seen a flickering flame in the temple. “My own German will no longer controls my acts, and volition is henceforward possible only in minor matters.” (Lovecraft, 38) He prepares his diving suit, writes his manuscript, and goes off into the abyss of Atlantis and knowingly walks to his death. 6. The story takes place during World War I in a German U Boat Submarine in the Atlantic Ocean disabled on the ocean. 7. The two main characters that are followed in the book “The Temple” by H.P. Lovecraft are Karl Heinrich Graf von Altberg-Ehrenstein and Lieutenant Klienze. There are other characters involved in the story but none that go into detail. Altberg-Ehrenstein is the “Lieutenant-Commander in the Imperial German Navy and in charge of the submarine U-29” (Lovecraft, 27). Lieutenant Klenze was the fellow-officer on board. Amongst the rest of the submarine were sailors with poor attitudes and a knack for causing…

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  • World War I Was The Main Reason For The Booming Economy

    scientific management technique was made up of 4 components replace traditional methods with scientifically proven efficient methods, select, train and develop each worker scientifically, co-operate with workers to ensure that methods are being followed and divide work equally between managers and workers. This would enable managers to apply methods and workers to follow them. The scientific management technique was applied due to the labour shortages mentioned in interpretation A, businesses…

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  • The Finest Hours Analysis

    to a lower level. The winds were blowing to fast for the rescue crew to launch their ropes to the top. The winds would blow the ropes away from the tankers. On one of the tankers the survivors had no choice but to jump into the freezing waters. Then the rescue team would quickly grab the men, so they wouldn't float away with the waves. This method risked the survivors health. They would go into hyperthermia and they would contract frostbite from the freezing waters. The other tanker had around…

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  • Summer Paragraph

    We would all sit and talk about the past week or the plans for the next day. Of course, the girls were always trying to plan to go get out nails done, do a little shopping and then go out on the lake. Then the guys would shut that plan down really quick because they rather be on the boat instead of sitting in the scorching summer heat waiting on us. After the pointless bickering, us girls always got our way. So when the fire finally came to smoldering coals most everyone would go in for the…

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  • One More To The Lake Analysis

    In E.B White essay "One more to the lake" is a well written piece of writing. White essay is written about the present which he uses this effect as a comprising between present and the past. He shows how his son is just like him and how he used to be. Also how his son is different. Like for instance they both snuck out the boat, but also how he would use aloud out board motor. The difference between time and culture seem to jumps but to show some of the shuttle difference time can cause. Like…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Boating

    time out on the boat, there are two things you should do. One, make sure you pack enough snacks and supplies to entertain yourself while over the water. The second, is to look good while out on the boat. Looking good while boating isn’t just about fashion though, it’s about functionality. Dressing up isn’t going to do much if your high heels cause you to trip and go overboard, so what should you wear instead? First off, it is important to make sure you are prepared for any weather situation.…

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  • Marine Pro Research Paper

    become your ideal dream boat as well. Bestway Hydro-Force Marine Pro Features The Marine Pro is made using 3-ply reinforced vinyl. It is designed to handle even the most extreme conditions regarding UV exposure and exposure to petroleum products that may damage other inflatables. This means it has extra strength and provides more protection…

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  • Low Back Injury In Rowing

    Abstract Rowing is a very famous sport in western countries, but today it also shows a growth in other parts of the world as well. The sport is developed with background environment which present with rivers and lakes that also makes athletes to enjoy the natural beauty of the environment. This fantastic sport is very competitive and requires cardiovascular fitness, proper techniques and anaerobic power to move a boat in a rowing race. Unfortunately, this fantastic sport give rise to…

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  • Difference Between Kaaking And Canoeing

    use of boats. Canoeing and Kayaking are two floating crafts that may take anyone to places in the waters that are even difficult to access by any other means. Canoes and kayaks maybe confusing to some but its easy really easy to distinguish one from the other. Kayaking and canoeing both require a paddle for propulsion and steering. The most noticeable difference is the structure of the boats. Kayaks have a covered deck while the canoes are wide open. Kayakers extend legs and are seated…

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  • Research Paper On Hybrid Cars

    Phillip Andrew Hocking Professor Jim Roth English 102 12 June 2017 Hybrid Cars – Do They Really Help the Environment while Helping My Wallet? The first vehicle that really could be classified as a hybrid is a sailboat that also has an oar. It is typical in sailing to run out of wind, so savvy sailors carry oars or an outboard to ensure that they can propel the craft when there is no wind. The word 'hybrid' when used in relation to an automobile is defined loosely as utilizing two or more…

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