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  • Essay On Gila Monster

    Interesting Facts about the Gila Monster There are many interesting facts to note about this lizard, considered the largest lizard in the United States that is native to the region. The interesting reptiles are also found in Mexico while in the United States they are found in Nevada, New Mexico, Sonora Arizona, California and Utah. These are dry areas since the Gila monster likes desert and semi-desert areas. The Gila monster is one of the poisonous lizards in the world, having poison that is…

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  • Essay On Tytannosaurus Rex

    In the article for this week, we explore the Tytannosaurus rex, or the T. Rex. If we were to translate this, it means tyrant lizard king. This definition gives off very powerful image of the dinosaur. Paleobiologists have tried to study the T. Rex fossils to put their lifestyle and habits into perspective for humans. People continue to study these dinosaurs to discover new things that other scientists have over looked in the past. The scientists that study dinosaurs these want actual proof of…

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  • Crocodile Vs Alligator

    Left nearly unchanged for over 240 million years, crocodiles, alligators, and other crocodilia are basically our version of modern day dinosaurs (Graaf). Both lay eggs, both are territorial predators, and both are enormous reptilian animals. Yet despite their numerous similarities they differ in a few significant key area that it’s no wonder that they are commonly confused for one another. Although crocodiles and alligators are part of the same reptilian order, they are different due to they’re…

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  • A Sound Of Thunder Vs Being Prey Essay

    A Sound of Thunder and Being Prey share many similarities between the texts. They also share many differences. The comparisons between the stories is found among the conflict, setting and a main character of the stories. In each story, the main characters were faced by dangerous animals. Have you ever been attacked by a swarm of crocodiles? Have you ever gone back in time, back to when dinosaurs were alive? The setting of the stories A Sound of Thunder, by Ray Bradbury and Being Prey, by Val…

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  • Jurrasic Park Vs Spinosaurus Essay

    Tyrannosaurus had approximately 60 wide and dull serrated teeth. Tyrannosaurus used its front teeth that were closely packed to grip and pull while using its side teeth that are more widely spaced for tearing flesh. The teeth had a curve, reinforcing ridges and robustness structure in order to withstand forces while killing their prey.(8) Its long tail might possibly responsible for supporting the balance of the whole body during the run. However, the function of its tiny forelimb is still…

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  • Sound Of Thunder Theme

    told not to could ruin everything. The penalty could be something as big as death. Eckels was in a slight panic when the dinosaur appeared which caused him to slip off the path and kill a butterfly. After the brutal battle the group had with the Tyrannosaurus rex the group headed home. Stepping into the office of the Time Travel company there was a feel of change. Eckels and Mr. Travis found some signs that the future had changed. “It couldn’t change things. Killing one butterfly couldn’t be…

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  • The Last American Dinosaur Hall

    My favorite exhibit, and probably many others’ favorite, is the Tyrannosaurus Rex exhibit. On the display of the tyrannosaurus rex it says, “What Do Fossils Reveal about Tyrannosaurus?” The interesting facts displayed under that are some very interesting and factual things about the tyrannosaurus rex. Including that this tyrannosaurus rex lived anywhere from 66-68 million years ago, and that this creature ate meat and bones. Length wise, this creature…

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  • Life On Earth Study Guide

    3-toed of meat-eaters such as Tyrannosaurus has survived as the 3-toed foot in birds. The elongated arm bones that support the wing evolved in the first coelurosaur. An Apatosaurus and tyrannosaurus rex are extremely different from each other. An Apatosaurus lived in the Late Jurassic, while a tyrannosaurus lived in the Late Cretaceous. An Apatosaurus was an Herbivorous; while a tyrannosaurus was a carnivorous. An Apatosaurus was also almost twice of a Tyrannosaurus’ size. 4. The Ornithischian…

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  • Soft Tissue Analysis

    Schweitzer H. Mary, Suo Zhiyong, Avci Recep, Asara M. John, Allen A. Mark, Arce T. Fernando, Horner R. John (2007) Analyses of Soft Tissue from Tyrannosaurus Rex Suggest the Presence of Protein Retrieved from http://libezp.nmsu.edu:2838/content/316/5822/277.full The main argument is to prove that the cells discovered in the tyrannosaurus rex femur is, in fact, real and to explain how the cells have survived over the long periods of time. The first thing that Dr. Mary Schweitzer does is address…

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  • Butterfly Effect Case Summary

    how Eckels displays many instances in which he disregards the safety of his team and trespasses in the past, three examples of this are, Eckels laughs and chuckles at the “butterfly effect” as if it is a joke, he foolishly points his gun at a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and single handedly breaks the most important rule of the team to stay on the path. One instance in which Eckels disregards the safety of his team and trespasses in the past is when he jokes about the “butterfly effect” and is in…

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