Dinosaurs In Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park

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Dinosaurs were said to be extinct. Said to be gone two-hundred thirty million years ago. Though, Michael Crichton uses his amazing writing skills and universal theme to bring these ancient animals back to life. In the book Jurassic Park, paleontologists, doctors, lawyers, and two children venture off to Costa Rica to see what elder John Hammond and his money has been up to for the past five years. When they arrive one day they could not believe what they saw. Humongous dinosaurs roaming around in the prehistoric climate living. Massive bird like living things up in the sky and on the ground going about their life on earth. As they learn how Hammond and his team were able to do this incredible work, the more problems they are able to see within. …show more content…
All of the people that came to first see Jurassic Park were on a tour. The six travelers were spilt up into two cars. As the rain poured in the dark nighttime sky, the tourists got a visit from a surprise dinosaur who may not be the smartest, but definitely can fight for itself. "The greatest predator the world has ever known. The most fearsome attack in human history...' 'Yes Dr. Grant.' 'Stay in the car. Stay down. Be quiet. Don't move, and don't make any noise. ' 'Okay.' 'You should be alright, I don't think it can open the car door.' 'Okay.' 'Just stay quiet, so you don't arouse its attention any more than necessary.' 'Okay.' Tim clicked the radio off. 'You hear that Lex?' His sister nodded, silently. She never took her eyes off the dinosaur. The tyrannosaur roared in the glare of lighting, they saw it pull free of the fence and take a bounding step forward. "(Pg. 204, 206). We are able to see from the conversation of the paleontologist Doctor Alan Grant and the two children, Tim and Lex, that because Jurassic Park is filled with animals that belong in a different era, it is incredibly hard for humans to survive them. Also from the quote, you can see how the people alone on this island must use teamwork if they want to make it off the island alive. The dinosaurs have never dealt with the humans and humans never with the dinosaurs. Jurassic Park is full of suspense as

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