Essay On Tytannosaurus Rex

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In the article for this week, we explore the Tytannosaurus rex, or the T. Rex. If we were to translate this, it means tyrant lizard king. This definition gives off very powerful image of the dinosaur. Paleobiologists have tried to study the T. Rex fossils to put their lifestyle and habits into perspective for humans. People continue to study these dinosaurs to discover new things that other scientists have over looked in the past. The scientists that study dinosaurs these want actual proof of the actions and behavior of the T. Rex. This will help them discover new things about other dinosaurs as well because many of these creatures share common behaviors and activities.
It was thought that the Tytannosaurus rex were existing by themselves in the world, that they were fending for themselves, each dinosaur for themselves, and that they
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Rex have been describes as “lethal bananas.” T. Rex teeth could shatter bones easily during feeding. It has been thought that they ate their prey like we would eat corn on the cob. Some times, the dinosaur would even eat parts of the bone, and were able to digest them with strong enzymes or stomach acid.This has not been definitely proven, but since their teeth were free of a lot of wear and tear, scientists believe that this dinosaur was not the predator that we once thought. It has been discovered that they most like fed on flesh that was soft and rotting, which means the prey was probably already dead before the dinosaur got there. This was most likely the best for the T Rex because they were too large to actually chase their prey if they were not already deceased. Though these things have been pondered on and discussed, it is still possible that they were both hunters and scavengers: Hunting their live prey, and scavenging the already dead. With trace fossils, scientists become closer and closer to finding whether or not the T.Rex was a predator or scavenger, but it is still under great dinosaur

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