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  • Analysis Of Tackling The Canine Obesity Crisis

    Over recent years, pet dogs have becoming fatter and fatter which is leading to suffering worldwide. Dr. Charlotte Brassey is an animal biologist as well as veterinary service owner who is concerned for and wants the best for dogs that the human race calls their best friends. Through her article “Tackling the Canine Obesity Crisis”, Dr. Brassey uses many forms of rhetoric effectively to convince her audience of others in her profession around the world to take action in the resolution in this…

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  • Jurassic Era Research Paper

    plants moved throughout the world. Animals during the Cretaceous period had developed just as much as they had in the Jurassic, particularly Dinosaurs. New species of these dinosaurs had become more important. The most famous dinosaur of all, the Tyrannosaurus rex, finally came along during the end of the Mesozoic Era. It walked on two legs so it is a theropod. All theropods were carnivorous. Sea animals and life in the sea was very like how it was in the Jurassic period. The world's life…

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  • Virginia Aquarium Research Paper

    awkwardly posing as dinosaurs. You can hear the disrupting sound of machinery accompany the movements of the giant lizards. A triceratops as big as a cow nurtures her newborn as they emerge from their shells, constantly shifting their heads. Tyrannosaurus stands proud at the center of the room, its child-like arms dangling from its enormous body. As its head scans the crowd, a constant cracking noise reminds the audience that these animatronics are as old as the dinosaurs themselves.…

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  • Wrong Decisions In Ray Bradbury's A Sound Of

    not following rules and making wrong decisions, Eckels seems unconcerned with the need to follow Travis’ rules and to think before acting. This characteristic comes to be extremely important when he first comes face to face with the monstrous Tyrannosaurus rex. Upon seeing the gigantic dinosaur, Eckels decides to run back to the time machine and in doing so flees from the designated path and crushes the butterfly. This sporadic decision it what ultimately caused Eckels’ death. Another character…

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  • Essay On Should Evolution Be Taught In Schools

    Creationism, Intelligent Design, and Evolution, three words that seem to be thrown around a good bit, but which of them is “right”? Well, if you define “right” as being the most factual, then Evolution is, by far, the most :right” of these ideas. There is a mountain of evidence for Evolutionary Theory, such as genetic similarities between different species, following change over time in the fossil record, and even seeing Evolution in action. It is because of this evidence that many individuals…

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  • Creation & Earth Museum Observation

    Even if you oppose of their beliefs, like I do, from a visual aspect alone the museum sparks your curiosity. From the moment you exit your vehicle and begin your journey toward the museum’s doors, a massive Tyrannosaurus Rex is waiting to greet you. My first reaction is what do dinosaurs have to do with the bible? According to their plaques of biblical scriptures, in regard to dinosaurs, there is mention of what is referred to as a behemoth in Job 40:15-24, but…

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  • The Drive For Power In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    Since the beginning of time, all living creatures have strived to hold the most power in their environment. The tyrannosaurus rex dominated the prehistoric era with its size and strength and the lion controls the jungle with its strength, speed, and hunting ability. Humans control everything that surrounds them and always strive to conquer more. This drive for power and control lead to many great empires as well as the fall of those empires, Rome is a prominent example of how too much power…

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  • A Sound Of Thunder 'And Poison'

    Nobody’s perfect. Perfection is a utopian quality that is far from realistic as it means “without fault or flawless.” Therefore, stating that nobody’s perfect is just another way of rewording the phrase everybody has their flaws. Afterall, there is a reason behind why pencils have built in erasers, white out was invented, and apologies can be said. Mistakes and faults are a natural part of human nature. This concept applies to all people - even the ones portrayed in literature. In the short…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Cross-Country

    There are the elite runners who get interviewed as they cross the finish line. Their faces glistening with sweat and a medal hugging their neck. Then you have the people who dress up as a Tyrannosaurus Rex and chase people around tent city. You also have fans that come from bigger schools. Girls walk around wearing nothing more than running shorts, a sports bra, and face paint. Boys paint their whole body in their school colors. Some make masks…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Jurassic Park

    The novels "The Jurassic Park" and "The War of the Worlds" were written by Michael Crichton and H.G. Wells respectively. The former was published in 1990 and the latter in 1898. Both novels belong to the science fiction genre and deal with issues related to survival of mankind. Wells's novel might have influenced the film version of "The Jurassic Park (1993)" although there is almost a century difference between their creations. An interesting fact is that Steven Spielberg, the director of the…

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