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  • To A Young Girl At A Window Analysis

    Veritas, relating to life, death, and time, is a universal literary theme, seen in many works of literature. The element of time is seen in “The Chaser” by John Collier, “A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury, “To the Virgins, To Make Much Of Time” by Robert Herrick, and “To a Young Girl at a Window” by Margaret Widdemer. The writers utilize symbolism to demonstrate the importance of spending time wisely, since the past cannot be undone. Herrick writes his poem as an experienced person speaking…

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  • My Beloved Brontosaurus Book Report

    For my writing assignment I chose “My Beloved Brontosaurus”. This was such an interesting read to me because I feel as if he put so much effort and thought into it. For example he starts off the book by saying, “From the time I was a toddler, I desperately wanted to meet the gigantic herbivore.” He has had this interest clearly since he was a child and he goes into such depth about it. Many people feel otherwise as well. “My Beloved Brontosaurus” has many reviews including some from NY Times.…

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  • Personal Narrative: Scared White Family

    Survivor: Scared White Family Edition There’s a running tradition in my family. Every summer we go to Lake George, NY for a few days. Lake George is the birthplace of some of my most treasured memories with my family. My most treasured, and I must say most traumatizing, memory was the hike of our 2013 trip. This hike had my uncle going on about it hiking on a scenic trail in the mountains with a gorgeous view near where we were staying There’s a running tradition in my family. Every summer we…

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  • Mental Health Case Study: Meet Samuel

    Case Study: Meet Samuel Samuel is seven years old and in year three. He attends the local public school. Samuel wears the same t-shirt and shorts each day, regardless of the weather. He finds comfort in familiarity and is put out by change. His mother Lisa remembers many tantrums thrown by Samuel if his daily ‘uniform’ is being washed. Samuel becomes stressed and overcome by emotions if his t-shirt is not an option that day. This particular t-shirt fits him snuggly. He is disturbed by the…

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  • Consequences Of Technology In A Sound Of Thunder By Ray Bradbury

    Consequences Most of us love the idea of going back in time and even better is the idea of having a time machine which would travel in the future. Technology nowadays is developing extremely fast so maybe in the near future people can develop a time machine where they can travel in time. If that happens some would just go back for entertainment and some for fixing mistakes. Nevertheless, going back in time maybe would cause problems in the history, because maybe not everyone would know how to…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Love Of Golf

    she claimed to be her “favorite church shoes,” which were a pair of clunky, black, skid-resistant tennis shoes. Her hair was chopped right above her ears and she wore skinny-rimmed glasses. She went by a name resembling “spunky afrodite polytmus tyrannosaurus” and didn’t want us to call her by anything different. Even though there were only six on her team and six were allowed to be on varsity, she preferred to golf JV. People like her made golf quite entertaining to…

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  • Jurassic Park: Movie Analysis

    The film Jurassic Park is a film that takes place on an island in the Caribbean Ocean where the main inhabitants are various reproduced dinosaur species. Paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler and mathematician Ian Malcolm are invited to the island by the owner of Jurassic Park, John Hammond, and his lawyer Donald Gerraro to confirm that the island is safe for public interaction. Hammond’s grandchildren are also invited to view the island. On this island, researchers who work for…

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  • Short Story A Man With A Dog

    A man with a dog Wang lives in a small village, and he is very poor and stupid, smelly and skinny, lazy and aimless. He lives with his supple touching dog. In his sight, he has nothing but his dog. He never gets out of his village and he doesn’t have any job, just grabs some sticky, dirty bottles and sells them to the shop every day to gain a little money. He loves his dog more than himself—he never cares about himself, and he gives most his food to his dog. One day he is tired staying in his…

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  • The Importance Of Transportation In The Cretaceous Period

    1. Short summary of the history At 145 ± 4 to 66 million years (Ma) ago, Cretaceous period was the last period of the Mesozoic Era, right after Jurassic period and followed by the Paleogene period of the Cenozoic Era (International Commission Chart, 2014). 'Creta' in Latin means chalk and this is due to the large amount of calcium carbonate deposited by shells of marine animals thus resulting in large quantities of chalk (American Geological Institute, 1972). The shifting of continents as the…

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