The Importance Of Ecotourism In The Marine Tourism Industry

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Being one the most beautiful natural heritage site on Earth, the GBRMP makes a great place for ecotourism. In fact, tourism activity is the most economically valuable activity in the GBRMP, with approximately 1.6 million visitors per year across all over the world. Since the GBRMP is a marine protected area, all human related activity in the park is strictly regulated to minimize the disturbance to the native ecosystem. As the result of the active “zoning” by the park management team and the limited advertisement on only certain designated “sites” in the park, 7% of the total area of the park accounted for over 85% of the human visitation. In another words, the management team had effectively controlled the flow of the tourists. In fact, the marine tourism industry …show more content…
This paper will later go more in depth on why that is in a later section. According to a study by V. J. Harriot, the ecotourism activities can be easily categorized in to six major branches, each managed and influenced by a considerably different group and type of brokers. The six sectors included structure-based, vessel-based, bareboat charter, cruise ships, aircraft-based, and resort/shore-based. This wide variety of option further attracts more tourists as each tourist came with a different background and preference. Structure-based activity are basically activity that involves an artificial infrastructure built on-site. For example, a floating hotel often attracts tourists who seeks a resort experience farther away from the shoreline. Other common structures include pontoons and underwater observatories. Vessel-based activity are site-specific, where the brokers will take the tourists on a rover and bring them to specific sites. In some cases, this type of activity may take up to weeks, and in which case, it would be

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