Importance Of Travel Motivation

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Travel Motivations has an important role in decision making particularly in choosing a destination to visit. It supports the perception of an individual on the purpose of why he should travel to a destination whether it is for various reasons such as relaxation, curiosity, experience, adventure, increase knowledge on a particular topic but without the help of an individual itself, travel motivation will not exist in the first place.

The growth of tourist typology accompanied by an increase in research that resulted for the emergence and development of this concept. The researchers adapted the 4 clusters (Self -developer/learner, Experience-seeker, Escaper/independence and Adventurer/Social-seeker)
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Generally speaking, this shows how much hunger do backpackers really want to experience unique and new activities for the reasons that backpackers in this cluster are eager to gain unique experiences to the places they have never …show more content…
Getting away from your daily life obligations, just to rest and make time to think for your self are considered to be a motivator. According to Tourism Theories, “Tourism can offer freedom from work and other time obligations, an escape from traditional social roles and the liberty to spend one’s time however one chooses.”(Tourism Theories) People tend to feel the need to escape from boring relationships, from many social expectations or responsibilities or inhibitions on their daily jobs (Ateljevic and Doorne, 2001 as cited in Sixaba, 2013). This particular sector indicates the high importance placed on wanting to have freedom to and escape from reality of the life of a single

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