An Introduction To The Definition, Nature And History Of Tourism

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1. Provide an introduction to the definition, nature and history of Tourism. (approx. 200 words)

Tourism can be known as a person’s pursuit to travel and stay out of their normal comfort zone and what that they’re used to, for purposes of business, leisure and other purposes. Tourism can be divided into groups such as domestic, internal, national and international tourism

Tourism History-
Empire Era: during this time period, people started to travel in big sums for many purposes such as, religious, government, education and commercial, it was easy also safe to travel at this time.
Middle ages: during this period 5th to 14th centuries, travel was nearly wiped out as it was dangerous to travel and was isolated.
Renaissance Era: during this
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Analyse and discuss how the above tourism strategies and policies impact on your selected Tourism Organisation. 500 words
The Green Party Policy will have a high impact on Rainbows End, if people do start to support local tourism then this will have a significant impact on the theme park in regards to more people coming in and also more internationally tourists will come if they do stay longer. Research and development will come into effect in future when making plans and as changes happen.

5. Identify the key stakeholders of your selected Tourism Organisation (public and private sector). Describe their significance and how they relate to your organisation.
The owners gives the required resources that is essential and necessary for the business to run effectively and efficient. This includes, employing workers, identifying gaps with rides and attractions that might need to be filled to meet needs of customers. All machinery, rides and attractions is tested for health and safety standards, they also have to make SMART decision making to make sure that the business stays beneficial in profit making, it is also their job to motivate their workers to do well because they know that employees spend most time with
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The employees are generally who are closest to the action when communicating as they interact with them on a daily basis. Employees need to have good interpersonal skills in engaging with people and treating everyone fairly and handling issues that may arise in a professional manner so that the customer is satisfied and happy to come back.

Customers are people that support the business in any economy, so Rainbows End must provide a good service to satisfy their needs and give a desirable outcome. Customers do provide feedback which is valuable to the Rainbows End about its rides, attractions, service and overall experience. The feedback gives the business areas that they can improve on and what to offers in near

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