Historic Preservation In Texas

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Within this article, economic impact has been seen as the most apparent form of impact. In Texas, historic preservation is a vital asset in the economic growth of the state. The economic development progresses the quality of life on behalf of residents in the state as well as drawing in potential tourists to visit as frequently as possible or desired. Preservation in Texas has positively maximized private and public investments in ways such as generating new employment, stipulating inexpensive accommodation options, and building strong communities with diversity thriving. For instance, according to the annual employment effects of historic preservation, “Heritage Tourism created 54,204 jobs.” The travel and tourism industry is the leading …show more content…
The Texas Heritage Trails Program discusses how the advancement from the ten heritage regions has partnered and assisted rural communities. Every city has their own quality that holds significance to the residents. In turn, this program encourages promoting these qualities from the historic and cultural resources. The Economic Impact of Historic Preservation in Texas article encompasses vital detail and value as a resource to examine for a professional in this field. Reading a viewpoint through a fellow professional in the field is enriching to see the ways they gathered research. The correlation between economic development, preservation, tourist dollars, and frequency of travelling is the whole purpose as to why the tourism industry is always …show more content…
When I travel to a destination, I always visit the downtown area and see how current or outdated the area is. For example, the article mentioned Bastrop Main Street. Nearly a couple years ago, I spent a day touring around downtown Bastrop. The rich history instilled within the walkways, to the buildings, and the people is so vibrant and eye catching to an individual who is not a resident. The overall feel of the town holds a significance and appreciation that these citizens cherish deeply. The unique characteristics that make up the town Bastrop is the reasoning that people will continue to visit. My least favorite section of the reading was in regard to the history museums. The opening statement says, “ In the smallest towns and bigger cities in Texas, history museums are a focal point for their communities and bring people together to celebrate Texas’s proud heritage.” Being a girl from a major city in Texas, I have never visited a museum in that city or hear of people who come to Dallas mainly to visit a museum attraction. Granted, there is so much offered in the Dallas area alone. For my own personal research, I asked three individuals from different classmates what they though out when hearing Dallas. One individual automatically said sporting events such as the Dallas Cowboys in the AT&T Stadium or the Texas Rangers. The second individual’s response was the stockyards and

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