Compare And Contrast Essay About Chocolate

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When it comes to chocolate, there are only two options: you either love it or you are allergic to it; very few people actually dislike the aroma of chocolate. In this essay I will be taking a look at 2 texts about how chocolate is made. Text 1 is an extract from the novel “Chocolat” by Joanne Harris and text 2 is an informational and promotional piece published by, titled “From Bean to Bar”. Both texts talk about a passion for making chocolate, but that is where most of the similarities end. Because the two text have a different purpose, the texts are very different.
Firstly, both texts might have the same theme, but their intentions are not similar. Text 1 is written with the intent to entertain, at least more so than text 2. It features a first person narrative, which is
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Both text 1 and 2 describe express a passion for making chocolate. There are some differences, though. In text 1, the narrator seems a bit arrogant. For example, she says: “Oh, sure, skill is required. A certain lightness of touch, speed a patience my mother would never have had,” and “I only use the best.” This demonstrates that the narrator feels like she is better at making chocolate than other people. Even though Text 2 is less personal than the passage from Chocolate, it still has a similar tone. Their company talks with a lot of passion and love for chocolate: “Well tempered chocolate will have a lovely shine,” and “Roast the beans to develop their rich flavour.”
To conclude, both texts 1 and 2 are very effective at reaching their different goals. Text 1 is an excellent introduction to a character in classic “novel-style” and text 2 informs the reader of a company’s chocolate-making process and is there to sell it. Both texts send out a similar message and intrigue each reader differently, even if the method or objective is different. They both end up tempting the reader into going out and buying

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