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  • Argumentative Essay: Balancing Work And Family

    Balancing work and family is common struggle among Americans. The target of the debate lies in opposing opinions as to how to prioritize work and family. Should work come before family, or should family come first? Even more, could there be a common ground in equally balancing both? Being passionate about this issue, I began to research it further. The first article reviewed was from Lee and Wagner. They argue that since the 1970’s, women have advanced into a new role in society due to the Women’s Rights Movement, along with underlying social economic factors, such as, finances, security and a rising demand for workers. Lee and Wagner imply as a result, society modified the Stay-at-Home Mom mold to add a “Working Mother” benefit, giving women more responsibilities in terms of wage-earning, and homemaking. Lee and Wagner argue that the quality of family life and child rearing has suffered a negative impact because society has not made proportional concessions to supplement busy schedules. Reading my second article, I found Jacobs and Finley claiming that balancing work and family is no different today as it has been in the past. Jacobs and Finley argue that for many families, the greater reason or root cause of the pressure and stress they feel, is actually from balancing fantasy and reality. Jacobs and Finley show how modern families have switched their priorities from family values to material possessions and social status. Jacobs and Finley imply that it takes two incomes…

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  • Real Housewives Analysis

    In the movie, I recognized there are not as considerable differences to how women were treated in 1950s, compared to modern times. Whether a person is religious or not, the gender differences between men and women are socially constructed and has become increasingly institutionalized. In the movie, some themes about women are disgusting. As women, are we just branded as a “trophy wives?” Are we not just as capable as men? Television shows like the “Real Housewives” series creates more of a…

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  • Gender Stereotypes In Reality Shows

    weak or subordinate. Generally, women are regarded as being inferior to men seeing that in the traditional setting, women were left to take care of the home, serve the husband and raise children. Women were not identified with superiority; they were solely dependent on men for almost everything. These stereotypes although outdated continue to be propagated in the majority of reality shows. The reality shows produced today all tend to portray women in a negative light, as being dependent on men…

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  • Beyonce's Influence On Popular Culture Essay

    found myself really energized by the engagement in is watching Real Housewives- any city. I started watching the show when I was younger with my mom and I got hooked. I talk about the show a lot; I leave hanging out with my roommates when it is on because I can’t watch it with other people talking. One day in early October the channel the show is on, Bravo, wasn’t working on our TV in Sunchase and it was all I could talk about for days until it was fixed. I usually watch the show by myself,…

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  • Desperate Housewives Case Study

    The reason why Desperate Housewives was popular among American viewership is mainly because its cultural background agrees with innermost of American audiences. The American culture, lifestyle, values (the materialism, individualism, egotism and pursuit of freedom and power) conveyed by Desperate Housewives, though not completely agree with British culture, was relatively compatible with British culture. Therefore, there has no need for British broadcasters reframe Desperate Housewives to…

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  • Gender Roles In The Real Housewives

    The Real Housewives: Postfeminist Symbol or Patriarchal Stereotype? Over the past decade, representations of women on television have evolved dramatically. Roles for women are no longer limited to the secretary or office assistant, the stay-at-home housewife, or the damsel in distress waiting to be saved by the manly hero. Women are now represented in both film and television as complex, multi-faceted characters who exist independently of their romantic relationships and home lives. In an age…

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  • Narrative Essay On Being Left Places

    longest he took to remember that I need to be picked up. It was early into the year of 6th grade- the first year of me not being at the same school as my sister. According to my dad, because he picked up our neighbor that day, he had three kids in the car. In his mind, this meant he had done his job and nothing was forgotten. Something was forgotten however; that something was me. I waited an hour, and then another, until eventually he remembered that I existed and came to retrieve me. The…

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  • Analysis Of So I Called By Louis Ck

    item. Once Louis CK has presented the audience with the comic idea, he attempts to generate further laughs through the technique of acting out. The transition from narrator to character makes the performance more entertaining as the story is being brought to life. A key moment is Louis CK’s impersonation of the conversation between the “Batman” and the “Desperate Housewife”. Because standup comedians have a short amount of time to perform to their audience, when they introduce characters, they…

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  • Negative Essay: Should Housewives Get Paid?

    Should Housewives Get Paid? Housewives are one the hardest jobs in the world. Stay at home mothers work every day; they work more hours than the working people. They have so many chores to do like cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, and many other hard chores. The work that they do is magnificent and remarkable. Other people will argue that is not necessary to give money to housewives because they are staying at home all day. However, housewives should get paid because they are doing a…

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  • The Problem That Has No Name By Betty Friedan

    “The Problem That Has No Name,” a chapter from the book The Feminine Mystique written by Betty Friedan. The common themes throughout Friedan’s writing are about the concerns, expectations, and fears of the housewives of the middle twentieth century. Friedan’s writing could provoke thought about how the expectations of housewives in the past have shaped the present and how it will impact future. While the housewives of the middle twentieth century were expected to devote their lives to being a…

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