Real Housewives Analysis

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Naturally, us as human beings critique every situation and person, even subconsciously, whether it is negative or positive. America’s society is no exception. However, to some Americans and non-Americans, there is somewhat an exception to our place in the world. Why is this implantation like this? Sure, the American society is the land of the home and brave. To have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is within Americans when we are born all the way to death. In America, people are liberated and educated. Perhaps, it is beneficial to some – but to a lot of minorities and women this is anything but accurate.
Fortunately, thanks to people with observant minds, witness or have gone through this false declaration of independence know exactly
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In the movie, I recognized there are not as considerable differences to how women were treated in 1950s, compared to modern times. Whether a person is religious or not, the gender differences between men and women are socially constructed and has become increasingly institutionalized. In the movie, some themes about women are disgusting. As women, are we just branded as a “trophy wives?” Are we not just as capable as men? Television shows like the “Real Housewives” series creates more of a negative effect for women and that there is a great behavioral differences between men and women. Yet, studies have proven that mentally, men are not superior to …show more content…
And there can be fairness to women’s rights when it comes to all forms of abuse, military, workforce, education and more. Even in higher positions, the advocacy for women on social media is very powerful socializer so, there has to be a dynamic change in female representation on social media. By spreading awareness on social media and encouragement to have women in higher positions, all people can see the greatness females have and will still accomplish in literature, entertainment, music, medicine, education, politics and even in the homes of family and

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