The Stepford Wives Movie Analysis

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The movie, The Stepford Wives comprises of definite points of interest including the liberation of men and women, equality between men and women, and lastly, feminism. The movie conveyed these significant ideas, for people to be aware of their society’s rotting core. 1960’s and 1970’s was a period when women campaigned for the development of their own rights.Some women pushed their opportunity to extreme that resulted into women’s dominance over men. Perhaps, this movie was produced to be an inspiration and leader to what feminism is supposed to be.
Women such as Joanna in the starting portion movies has an idea about what feminism is but cannot fully comprehend and understand what feminism is for.This idea clearly explains women with the
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Instead of giving Roger a feminine touch, they transformed him into a masculine type of guy. In Stepford, men and even gay men should act like men, and women should act how women should act. Based on what the movie suggests, gay couples weren’t tolerated in this era unlike the era of today.This idea was supported by mid-portion of the movie. After they learned about the secret of Stepford Men’s association, they prefer each other’s company unless it is about pleasure and chores. They invited the couple comprising of Roger and Jerry since they are technically men. Soon after, they transformed Roger from a gay stereotype into a masculine figure running for state senate. Everyone was praising him except for Bobbie and Joanna who were, at that time, shocked about what happened to …show more content…
They do not want to be seen as losers beneath their wives light. Feminism was also shown in this part of the movie after Joanna said that she herself and Walter were just equal in comparison. Feminism purpose is to re-align woman’s right along with men, not female dominance.It can also be an alternative interpretation for proper re-alignment of society.This was thoroughly supported by the next scene. Since Joanna and Bobbie cannot do anything, they let the day pass away. The day after, Joanna found out that Bobbie became a humanoid robot because before Bobbie got re-programmed, their house is a mess but at the present, it was clean and bright, moreover, Bobbie placed her hand on the burning stove but she neither flinched nor showed a change in her expression. These robots do not have emotion after all. Joanna, again, seems confused and shocked based on what she has witnessed. She ran to her home hoping that he would meet her husband and children but she’s too late. So, she went to the Stepford Men’s Association mansion, because her mother instincts said so. She found a picture of her robot counterpart with her family in a painting. She then got surrounded by the members of the association, and Mike showed her the secret of Stepford, Mike gave the decision of transforming Joanna into a robot to Walter. Walter voiced out his arguments as Joanna convinces him to change his mind. Walter said that he’s a loser because his wife

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