Miss Representation Analysis

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NAME: Tera Lovelady
COURSE: Socio 154
REVIEW #: 10

TITLE : REVIEW – Miss Representation

A) ABSTRACT OR THESIS SUMMARY – Miss Representation is a film written, directed, and produced by Jennifer Siebel Newsom. It began with statistics of average U.S. media consumption, and discussed media's view of women. A multitude of photos, videos, and graphics were shown that placed women in positions that were mostly sexual, and all inappropriate, showing that media does not take women seriously. Then the topics moves on to women in politics and how that is negatively affected by media. The film then moves on to the topic of women in movies and television, and how the majority of movies made either revolve around men, or are for the pleasure of men. There is incredible denial in the media industry regarding the status of women.

B) PRESENTATION MEDIA– Miss Representation was a documentary that was filmed in color. Upbeat music was included
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One was simply that it was personal. Siebel decided to pursue directing, producing, and writing this film because she found out that she was pregnant with a girl. Seeing the misogynistic society that has been present for decades in America, she recognized that she did not want to raise her daughter in a culture that is toxic to women. She did not want her daughter to grow up thinking that she was less-than because of her gender. This made the film relatable. I am not a mother yet, but I will be one day. Thinking about my children growing up in this society makes me want to something to change it. The film also brought up a lot of ideas that I had not considered before. One was the notion that the majority of films are either being created for men, or about men. I am noticing this more and more as I go about my daily life and it is shocking. Miss Representation has caused me to re-think what I watch, and to carefully consider the advertisements of the products that I

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