The Show Shameless Analysis

The Show Shameless is about a family that lives in Chicago, and the father of six kids is a constant drunk, looking for his next drink or drugs. After Liam, the youngest of the kids was born, their mother, Monica Gallagher ran off leaving the kids in Frank Gallagher’s position, the father. But with him being constantly drunk and or even high, the eldest of the kids, Fiona Gallagher is pushed into being a parent for the kids so they are not put into foster care. Over the course of the show, the family battles against loving and hating Frank for he is not a parent figure what so ever to the kids but the kids still love him. The eldest kids, Fiona, Lip, and Ian Gallagher all battle against Frank for the young kids should not have to see Frank drunk or high when he decides to show his face to the family. Ian comes out as gay with his on and off boyfriend Mickey Milkovich. In the beginning, Ian was enrolled in ROTC and was soon put on leave due to …show more content…
Ian had ran off with his mother for several days. But once he got to her home in the middle of nowhere, meeting his mother boyfriend and realizing he is dealing drugs to make ends meet, Ian had seen enough. All of this had made Ian very depressed along with very angry about the situation and the next morning, Ian went home after several days of no contact with his immediate family, along with Mickey. Mickey was trying to contact Ian due to not knowing where he was but got no response till Ian got home. Once Mickey got a call from Ian stating that he was home, Mickey ran to Ians house, literally, hoping to be happily reunited with Ian. Ians call had made it seem like everything was fine between them, but once Mickey got to Ians house, Ian explained why he is not worth Mickey 's time. That he is very depressed and upset. And days before, The two were

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