Beyonce's Influence On Popular Culture Essay

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There are two perspectives that can be used to examine the account of Beyonce’s impact on the communication of popular culture and identity. Those two perspectives that we learned in class are that popular culture is a site of hegemonic struggle and wildly favored by population. These two perspectives help to give a better understanding of how to examine both the account of Beyonce’s performance, as well as the performance itself. The first perspective, a site of hegemonic struggle, is meaning that the creator of this culture is a position of authority. While Beyonce is not in a traditional position of authority, she is still a powerful force in the world of popular culture and Hollywood. Therefore, her impact on the popular culture world …show more content…
Beyonce very dramatically worked in the political and news topic of Black Lives Matter movement into her performance. This particular performance gained attention from all over, from the United States to the United Kingdom. In the Super Bowl performance Beyonce used costume for her backup dancers, social media posts, and props- a piece of paper that had justice for Martin Woods written on it. She used a lot of items and ideas to make this message very clear to her audience. This is very different from the CMA performance that really just used words and hidden messages to convey her political opinion.

A ritual approach to communication is an understanding that people have ritual practices in their lives in accordance to popular culture, meaning they have a prescribed way of doing it. They are regular behaviors or actions. You can examine popular culture through this approach because people have a way of engaging with popular culture in the same way over and over. For example, watching the same television show every week on the same day at the same time. These rituals follow an understanding of formalism. The communication is response oriented and structured. The forms also create desires for people to fulfill. These rituals have a shape, texture, and tone. They appreciate the form of which they are fulfilled. Rituals show the value, even if you don’t always know the meaning of the rituals that you partake

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