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The undercover most violent race organizations in the world are the black panthers. The black panther is a revolutionary black nationalist and socialist organization. The black panthers have two extremely hardcore leaders who go by the name Huey Newton and Bobby Seale. Huey P. Newton was born in Monroe, Louisiana, on February 17, 1942. Huey was named after the former governor Huey P. Long. The Black Panthers organization was founded in Oakland, California. This particular organization was made do to the Black Power Movement that made headlines. Newton was convicted of many crimes before and after the Black Power movement; Newton had to flee to Cuba for a few just to get away from his problems and soon earned his doctorate. Newton was struggling …show more content…
For years now, people have been trying to cover up all the racism and bad organizations by making a joke out of it by putting it in comedy tv shows like a show called “South Park” and other various movies such as the new super hero we all have now called the Black Panther. Beyoncé is a famous singer and she performed at a super bowl and the outfits that she picked out for all of her dancers and even her to where, was black leather jackets, and they also had fake afros on their heads. She made it seem like it was a blast back to the past where they used to where those outfits and afros’ a lot but it was also contributing to the Black Panthers and a little sign that they are coming back. Beyoncé before her performance was telling everybody about her little struggles on life and how she came a long way and she was talking about how it is nowadays hard to be a black woman or man. Then everybody started to hold up their black lives matter, posters in the air and screaming black lives and matter. That really made the KKK mad because the KKK hates black people, Muslims, and Mexicans. If you were not white Your life was always in danger around

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