Narrative Essay On Being Left Places

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Being Left Places

With two working parents and two younger siblings, there was frequent commotion in my young life. Being the oldest of my siblings, I was rarely the one being worried over. This caused me to occasionally be left in different places. My mother requested that I state, for the record, she never left me anywhere. While that is true, my father and babysitter did it enough times to warrant talking about.
The first time I was left in a place I was six year’s old. This was a bit different than the other times because it was on purpose. I was at the play structure of a McDonald 's getting lunch with my babysitter. My babysitter, Ann, was an older women who had grown up on a farm in Oklahoma. For some reason, she thought it would
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This was two years after my parents had forgiven her for the McDonald 's incident. I was at swim team practice on an early evening in mid-December. Because I was eight years old, my parents liked to have Ann stay with me for the entire hour long practice. This particular night, that did not happen. Ann decided, once again, to try to rush home to get something. Unfortunately for both of us, she did not realize that it was the height of Christmas shopping, and traffic was a nightmare. Swim practice ended. I looked around I realized Ann was not there. My coach took me to the phone they kept in the office. I proceeded to call Ann, then my mom, then my dad; none answered the phone. After calling each multiple times I left a message with all of them: The pool closed half an hour ago and somebody needs to come get me so my coach can go home. I would not want to be Ann right then. My coach was nice to me about staying. She even offered me a kiss -- and showed me the bowl of candies after I made a confused face at the offer. Eventually Ann, and both of my parents, all arrived at the pool within 5 minutes of each other (and about an hour after the pool closed). Ann remained my babysitter for another four years, but never left me anywhere else.
By the time I got to middle school being left somewhere wasn 't as stressful, but was still an inconvenience to my life. This was one year before I got a cellphone, which would have prevented both of the next events. Basically, my dad was bad at remembering to pick me up from school. He took a long time to pick me up on multiple occasions, but two times stand

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