Ranching Essay

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Things to know about Ranching
Ranching is what lots of people think of as dirty work. Which is true, but it can also be very enjoyable. It just depends on the person and what kind of things that person likes to do. Now if that person enjoys nature, but doesn 't mind seeing death then ranching may be a good career. It also depends on how hard a worker that person is, or if the person is just lazy. However lots of people also don’t like it as much, because there are not a lot of benefits. Ranching is a low education job with little vacation time that a person must be devoted and have experience to do. In order to have a ranching career a person needs little education. This involves a high school diploma or something of equivalent value(Livestock Rancher:Job Description,Duties,and Requirements). However in order to be a foreman or someone higher up this will involve more education. Some ranchers even require a person to go to college to learn agriculture(Livestock Rancher:Job Description,Duties,and Requirements). However many of them want people with experience, especially with analytical and critical-thinking skills(Livestock Rancher:Job Description,Duties,and Requirements).
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If anything they will probably have an employee work about 40 hours a week. Hourly wages also change depending on the location. Normally the wage is between $8.86-$13.56(Time). For instance the wage in Tennessee was $9.40(Time). Which is really low compared to some of the other places like South Carolina that has $14.79 per hour(Time). Delaware was even paying $14.99 an hour(Time). However the highest wage was Nevada with $16.39 and Wyoming just behind it with $15.73(Time). Just depends where a person is working, and how much the rancher really wants the workers. However the more workers he has the more likely he won’t pay as

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