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Have you ever wondered how things like cars, buildings, and bridges are built? Welding is a widely used way to join structural and ornamental iron and steel. Many of the things we use in our daily lives are welded, like buildings, bridges and vehicles. Welding is the process of joining two metals with electricity and heat to make one piece of metal. The two main types of welding are arc welding and brazing. Arc welding is where electricity is used to melt a filler rod into the metal which penetrates and makes the metal one structural piece. There are many types of arc welding, including SMAW stick metal arc welding, GMAW gas metal arc welding and GTAW tungsten insert welding. Brazing is when an oxygen and acetylene mixture, called oxy- acetylene, …show more content…
Early forms of welding were mainly soldering, until the eighteen hundreds when acetylene was discovered and people began to use the brazing process. During the nineteen hundreds the alternating current was invented, which is used today in almost all electrical welding processes. The nineteen thirties is when modern welding processes involving the alternating current were industrialized. Since early forms of welding there has been substantial innovations in the way welding processes are used, for example many factories have automated welders, which do not require a human, they are ran by a computer. Where automated welders are not used there are forms of modern electrical welding …show more content…
Welding jobs that are in the field and require travel tend to make more than jobs that take place in factory or local settings. Field jobs may require that the worker must complete his or her tasks in extreme weather, including rain, hail, snow, and extreme temperatures. Jobs that take place in factory settings make less starting wages but allow the worker to advance to higher positions and make more money. Factory workers can advance to a foreman or manager which usually offers better benefits and easier work. Factory jobs are also preferred for the convenience, less overtime is required and the worker is closer to home. Being a welder has many positive attributes, like being able to make a building or bridge that is usable and safe. Welders receive a sense of personal satisfaction after building and creating things the world needs. Welders learn the ability to do things like read blueprints, concentrate, become detail oriented. Welders take pride in their work, which helps them create quality pieces and constantly improve themselves and their

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