Personal Aspects Of Generosity

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I was born in Saudi Arabia, and I’m from Arab origins dating back to the Arabs who lived in Yemen before decades, this from the Father side. On the other hand, my mother’s origins back to the south of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from an area that is called Al-Aflaj, which belong to the city of Riyadh, capital city of Saudi Arabia.
In fact, I was working as an employee management at the Deanship of Student Affairs for nearly twelve years, specifically from the end of 2001 until the end of 2013. After seven years of hard work in the Secretariat of the Deanship of Student Affairs at King Saud University, they gave me the deanship complete my studying at the university, where I was employed by high school certificate in addition to a computer
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Generosity with parents, brothers and sisters, wife and children, as well as guests. We have learned that generosity with these people is not only have all the physical things, but the moral and material things. For instance, when it comes to you, your brother or your sister, your wife or your child complains of sadness because of the social, psychological issue, or school problem. Then you must help them immediately and discuss with them about the possible solutions. On the other hand, the physical aspect clearly appears through the generosity of the strange guest who comes from another area or travel to another city. We learned through our religion and our culture that it must honor the guest for three consecutive days. We must provide him with food, drink, shelter. All of these will be without any financial compensation from the guest. Moreover, we must offer him a whole lamb for lunch to honor him. After that, after three days usually the guest finish his tasks that he comes to do it and he left to his hometown.
Second, in term of the racial side in my family, they prefer to inbreeding. You can see some of my kinship, especially the women, talking with one of her relatives for her young daughter to keep up her for the women’s son to marry her later. In effect, this kind of marriage has many advantages and disadvantages. Some of these advantages are the following:
1. My family would like to
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Let us take some religious occasions, as example. We actually take benefits of some religious occasions such as Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. These events are once a year, so we buy new clothes, and change the carpets and rugs, in addition to some home furnishings. Moreover, my family’s girls and the women put the traditional inscription in their hand, which is called Henna. “Henna is an important part of this Id sacrifice, and has been significant in many celebrations since the pre-monotheistic Bronze Age” (Jones, 2001). We actually rejoice and enjoy in this Islamic great

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