The Importance Of Hotels In London

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London has been the top tourist destination in the world for several years now. It offers a mix of history and attractions that are difficult for most places on earth to match. Whether you need to go there for business or pleasure, the city 's hospitality industry offers a wealth of options for hotels. Where you stay when traveling abroad will definitely impact how enjoyable the rest of your trip or vacation will be. The following are a few of the newest and hottest hotels in London, and any one of them is worth considering for your next trip there.

Ham Yard Hotel – The first thing that hits you when you walk in is its stylish, nontraditional décor. It is more hip than staid and would probably appeal more to a modern, young to middle-aged
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It was made from a 6 story Georgian townhouse with rooms that vary in size and each have their own antique furnishings and curios, which definitely gives you the feel of staying at a unique establishment rather than a chain hotel. Its cocktail lounge is a favorite place for guests to unwind from the days events before heading to their …show more content…
It is unique even in its design because it is spread across five Victorian townhouses with rooms that are meant to make you feel like you are in the room of a friend who has a flair for stylish décor. It has been listed in “London 's Hottest New Hotels for 2015” in the Telegraph. Its 51 guest rooms blend an eclectic mixture of modern furniture and antiques. The lobby is home to a bar, coffee shop, library and gallery, and it has the feel of a meeting place rather than a formal hotel lobby.

Z Shoreditch – Located on Old Street in East London, this 111 room hotel offers convenience for those traveling for business or pleasure with its proximity to the Old Street tube station, and The Bower shopping centre and Liverpool street are a walk away. One of the more affordable options on this list, the rooms still boast a 40 inch television, very comfortable beds and are effectively sound-proofed against the bustling traffic outside. A modern cafe in the main reception area with large windows facing the street give a guest a connection to the hustle and bustle outside while providing a contemporary

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