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  • To Kill A Mockingbird Psychoanalytical Analysis

    The psychoanalytical lens is a way of understanding the human mind and the characters within a story. Many different theories have contributed to psychology, but “most psychological criticism of the last century lands at the doorstep of Sigmund Freud” (Gillespie 1). Freud was the father of a psychoanalysis, helped explain human behavior, and came up with a way to treat mental illnesses. Freud focused much of his ideas on psychic forces having an influence on human behavior (Gillespie 2). He had ideas that explained the human mind and how it works. Some of the main psychological ideas focused on while reading include why characters do something, fascinations, relationships, personalities, and hidden meanings through different words and phrases. What makes this lens unique is how it improves the reader’s understanding of the author and characters’ personalities and motives. Understanding what is being read could be improved when using the psychoanalytical lens although, there are definitely drawbacks. Other parts of the book may be confusing and difficult to comprehend. The lens itself is very confusing, especially when using Freud’s ideas. All things considered, applying the psychoanalytical lens to a book forces the reader to think about the motives and personalities of the characters. Psychoanalytical ideas in To Kill a Mockingbird are mostly directed toward the theme that people are not always who they say they are. The psychoanalytical lens could be applied to the book To…

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  • The Argument Between Absolute Music And Program Music

    The arguments between absolute music and program music have lasted for a long time. Although many people try to state their position in these two types of music, there is no certain answer for both types of music. In general, Absolute music can be defined as music for music’s sake and there is no narrative. Program music can be defined as music has a narrative with an attached program. Both kinds of music have their unique characterizes. Some theorists argue that there is no “absolute” music…

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  • Juxtaposition In Vivaldi

    Juxtaposition is where the music is placed together to give a contrast effect. There are two main instances of juxtaposition, which Bach used in his composition. First one is simultaneous juxtaposition is where the two voices play at the same time and can be heard as two contrasting sound. Bach registered this mostly on his organ pieces, which many of the other composers did not do that much. He also used the simultaneous juxtaposition for an instrumental ensemble. Doubling the instruments…

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  • Romantic Music Period Analysis

    Many people tend to listen to music, but they do not know its simple meaning or the musical works entailed. Merriam Webster defines music as either an art or a science that has ordered tones and sounds that are arranged in a particular succession, combination and a temporal relationship so that the composition can have a unity that has a meaning. Music has emerged through various periods with each successive period having a unique style of music and influences. An example of a musical period is…

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  • Importance Of Music In Our Life

    I would like you to take a minute to think about one of the most important things in your life, personally it would be my family and friends, but some people might agree with me when I say that music plays a huge part in our lives. For as long as humans have been around there has been some form of music made by these people, it’s safe to assume that even the first human beings had some form of music that they created and performed. Music can easily be compared to stories that have been passed…

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  • Biography Of Amadeus Mozart

    WolfGang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) His name is not just WolfGang Amadeus Mozart , his real full name is Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart. He was an austrian composer born in Salzburg , he was known as one of the best in history of western music.Mozart collaborating with Haydn and his good friend Beethoven he brought to his knowledge that the achievement of the Viennese Classical school would be an great opportunity for them all. Unlike any other composer in musical history,…

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  • Biography Of Maria Anna Mozart

    Maria Anna Mozart was the family’s first prodigy and at one point was considered the finest pianists in Europe, until her younger brother, Wolfgang Mozart, came along. Maria’s father, Leopold Mozart, boasted about how well she played the piano, but it wasn’t long before she was overshadowed by her brother. Maria Anna Mozart, also known as Marianne and nicknamed Nannerl, was born on July 30th 1751 in Salzburg, Austria. Maria is the oldest of 7 children, however only she and her brother Wolfgang…

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  • Classical Music Vs Modern Music Essay

    The Romantic Era started and ended from 1820-1900. An overview would be the transition from classical to Romantic, of Beethoven, who broke the boundary rules and attached everything together between the two. Because it was Beethoven, he made it okay and possible to have changes and still acceptable. This talented and strong/brave individual changed music for the better and did what he felt and wanted, with his unique personality came his unique composed music. After Beethoven music changed to…

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  • Music Festival Case Study

    1.0 INTRODUCTION Music festival is currently one of common activities enjoyed by everyone across generation and inspires the young generation in creating new components to enliven music industry that have existed since the evolution of music industry since 1850 which then brought drastic change to music market. This report includes several important components which explain in details about case study of successfully organizing and setting up Music Festival in Liverpool, North West of England.…

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  • Mozart Concert Review

    On Sunday on November 26, 2016 at 2:30, I viewed and listened to 3 musical pieces composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was a composer, born in Salzburg ,during the Classical era. The symphony was conducted by Jeffrey Kahane, which also happened to be the pianist for the Symphony. The concert was held at The Houston Symphony, which was a two story auditorium with approximately 400-500 seats. The auditorium was open spaced, surrounded by walls to improve sound quality. During the concert, the…

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