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  • Above All Sane Character Analysis

    comes from the heart and not for fame. Wolverine displays all these trait that a hero needs, but not just at a time of weakness, he displays them at all times. For that very reason, Wolverine truly deserves the title of a “hero.” Above all Wolverine's appearance, powers and abilities and the lessons he teaches the world help exemplify what a superior hero really is. Wolverine is a true hero as a result of his appearance. Wolverine has a posture of both human and wolf. As a human, Wolverine is known as “Logan,” he looks like an ordinary human, but…

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  • X-Men Character Analysis

    The Analysis of X-Men and how it relates to Disabilities The portrayal of many superheroes in movies, comic books, and TV shows are empowered by real world diseases, accidents, and disabilities inflicted upon them. X-Men is the apotheosis by which exceptional individuals, both heroes and villains, obtain their powers. These movie characters, who possess various extraordinary abilities, are comparable to the multiple individuals with disabilities, in that they both are regarded and viewed…

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  • Advantages And Limitations Of The Media

    Medium • What medium or media does the communication take advantage of?  The advantage of this advertisement is it has a well know character known as the Hulk from the popular Marvel franchise. Also it helps kids who see this advertisement lose the fear of getting hurt since their favorite character also gets hurt. • What are the strengths and limitations of the media used?  The strengths of the advertisement are that people that who watch the Avengers and read the Marvel Incredible Hulk…

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  • Chuck Klosterman Is A Superhero

    Some people might say that the main character from the X-men Wolverine is a superhero, well I disagree with this statement for various reasons. Wolverine is considered is a superhero because he saves people from the villains, some people do not realize that Wolverine also kills people. Even though he saves people, he does it by killing the villains and that can make some people think that he is rather a killer. Chuck Klosterman is an American author who focuses on American popular culture. In…

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  • Days Of The Past: Movie Analysis

    mutant base with the ability to rearrange into different forms and tools. Sunspot draw in with them at first and proceed by Colossus but getting knocked to the ground by towering sentinel while the third sentinel approach Kitty and Bishop. As the sentinel are getting high ground in the battle, as they enter Kitty says “Too late, assholes!” Just before the sentinel can slaughter Kitty and Bishop, everyone in the scene vanishes. The staying future mutants, Wolverine/Logan, Storm, Professor X/…

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  • Smells Like Teen Spirit Film Analysis

    The fantasy adventure film directed by Joe Wright and written by Jason Fuchs, maybe telling again the story of J.M. Barrie's classic tale, but in the flick, 'The Wolverine' actor Hugh Jackman and his band of buccaneers lead an exciting chorus of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' by the American rock band that was formed by singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain - Nirvana. The Australian actor and producer Hugh Jackman, who plays as the wicked and cruel pirate in the Pan film, 'Blackbeard,' took some of his…

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  • Senator Eliphas: A Short Story

    to retrieve Emma. Namor though took this as an act of War by Shaw, then brought her to the surface, where Shaw, Pierce and Selene happened to be waiting. Selene managed to mind-wipe Emma to help her erase the memories of her betrayal to the club and restore her status within the club. After retrieving her memories from the Phoenix Force, Rachel Summers began plotting to kill the members of the Hellfire Club including Selene Gallio. Rachel having drawn on the life force of her teammates to…

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  • X-Men Movie Comparison

    eliminating your species, and the only way to stop them is time traveling into the past to interfere with an assassination that occurred. That situation is what takes place in X-Men: Days of Future Past. X-Men: Days of Future Past, was created in three different forms, a comic book, cartoon, and a movie. Each form includes the same reasoning for going into the past to save the future. Although they have a similarity for the reason going into the past to change the future, the differences between…

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  • Death Of A Tragic Hero

    to analyze if the hero can ever be replaced, how different the replacement can be and if those differences can provide a new perspective on the hero. There is often a heart-wrenching grief scene that provides suspense and an announcement of the death to the sidekick or family that are very emotional. The reunion after the hero’s return should be emotional, and it should show what the city has been missing during the time of the hero’s death. But, most, if not all, of that emotion is lost when…

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  • The Avengers: The Roles Of Actors In The Film Industry

    to producer Jerry Bruckheimer, he rejected the idea first since it might just be a straight pirate movie. The very first ones to get cast was Johnny Depp and veteran actor Geoffrey Rush. No one really expected that Johnny Depp would actually make an amazing impact on the role since there hasn’t been a successful pirate film since the Golden Age of Hollywood. The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is actually the ninth highest-grossing film of all time. HUGH JACKMAN - Wolverine Before the…

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