Advantages And Limitations Of The Media

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• What medium or media does the communication take advantage of?
 The advantage of this advertisement is it has a well know character known as the Hulk from the popular Marvel franchise. Also it helps kids who see this advertisement lose the fear of getting hurt since their favorite character also gets hurt.
• What are the strengths and limitations of the media used?
 The strengths of the advertisement are that people that who watch the Avengers and read the Marvel Incredible Hulk comics know who the Hulk is. For people who know who the Hulk is can see how strong these band aids actually are. The limitations of this advertisement is it can only people who watch the Marvel movies can relate to this and trust the advantage, but if
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This can affect an individual by feeling sorry for the Hulk. Also when they need a band aid they will remember the advertisement with the Hulk on it.

• Why is the communicator sending this message?
 The communicator is sending this message to show that everyone gets hurt at times. It does not matter who you are and what you do, but that you will always need a band aid. Also it shows that Band-Aid has some pretty strong material to make it the best brand out there. If it can stay on the Hulk it can stay on anyone.
• What elements of the communicator’s purpose might affect either the form or the content of the communication?
 The elements of the communicator’s purpose could be affected if it is not place in the right target market. For example, this advertisement is meant for people who are little kids through college aged students, so if the advertisement is placed in a magazine that is meant for older people then it could be affect how the consumer will react.
• Does the situation affect the communicator’s purpose? In what way?
 For the most part the situation should not affect the communicator’s purpose. Since everyone needs Band
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Since it is there job as a company to market correctly to their target market.

What is the situation?
• In what circumstances is the communicator producing the message (be specific about issues of time, audience limitations, and so on)?
 This advertisement came out during the time the Marvel Avengers movie came out. Since it was a new release their faces where everyone, and most people have seen the movie and know who the Hulk was. Making more money for Band-Aid.
• What elements of the situation might affect either the form or the content of the communication?
 If the Avengers movie was not as popular as it turned out to be, then the Band-Aid brand would not have chosen the Hulk for the poster. Or if they already came out with the advertisement before the movie was release it and the movie did not turn out well with the audience, it would have been a huge mess for Band-Aid.
• Does the situation affect the medium in which the speaker is attempting to communicate?
 Yes, the situation affects the medium since depending on the time and the place that it is located can make or break the communication. For example, if the ad was made years before the Avengers movie it would have not done so

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