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  • Wolf Restoration

    In 1974, the gray wolf was placed on the endangered species list, but in Yellowstone National Park wolves had already been hunted for almost a hundred years, the last pack being killed off in 1926. In 1995, eight wolves were relocated from western Canada to Yellowstone, and in the next year, a total of thirty-one wolves were brought in (NPS, 2016). This was the start of what some may call one of the greatest wildlife restoration projects ever undertaken. Twenty years after the fact, Yellowstone is home to approximately 130 wolves (Missoulian, 2015).The economic effects of the returned presence of these animals has impacted both tourism and ranching in the Greater Yellowstone Area. Based on a 2005 survey of park visitors conducted by economist…

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  • The Timber Wolf

    The Timber wolf one of the most widely spread animals, have rapidly become extinct in the areas of its former living environments. The timber wolf is also known as the grey wolf,Tundra wolf, or Plains wolf. The complete classification of the Timber wolf is as follows… domain:eukaryote, kingdom:Animalia, phylum:Chordata, class:mammalia, order:camilora, suborder:caniformia, family:canidae, genus:canis, and the species:c. lupus.The main points in this paper will focus on the habitat,physical…

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  • Essay On Maned Wolf

    The Maned Wolf The legs of a deer, the face of a fox, and the body of a wolf, what is it? The maned wolf is an interesting animal that not many people may know about. It can be described by what it looks like, its eating habits, and its social structure. Despite its name this animal looks more like a fox rather than a wolf and has even been described as a “fox on stilts”. But, this unique looking species isn’t closely related to either. In fact, the maned wolf is the only member of its genus,…

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  • Wolf Reintroduction Essay

    One of the most renowned rewilding projects which has demonstrated the effects rewilding has on a whole ecosystem, was the reintroduction of grey wolves (Canis lupus) into Yellowstone National Park in the North West of the United States. The wolves were reintroduced to the park in 1995-1996 and have subsequently recolonised the whole park and some of the surrounding area known as the greater Yellowstone ecosystem (GYE) (Smith et al., 2003). The reintroduction of the wolves has had a great effect…

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  • The Wolf Of Wall Street Movie Essay

    The Wolf of Wall Street may seem just as another ridiculous comedy film at first glance, however, as with art of all forms, it can be interpreted in drastically different ways. Although the film explicitly portrays how stockbrokers in Wall Street use manipulation to fill their own pockets, The Wolf of Wall Street splendidly conveys different “morals of the story” depending on the morality of the audience: “wolves” hunger for materialistic lifestyle are eager to become filthy rich like Jordan…

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  • Ethiopian Wolf Evolution

    Ethiopian Wolf Evolution Eduardo Medina Fred N. Thomas Career Education Center Early College Abstract The purpose of this paper is to provide details on the Ethiopian Wolf such as its physical traits, behaviors, habitats, and adaptations to its environment that assist in the species’ continued existence and survival. Using this information and research that has been conducted, the most likely ancestor for Ethiopian wolf is the Eucyon. This is based on the theory of evolution and other…

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  • The Dire Wolf

    Interesting Facts about the Dire Wolf There are many interesting facts about the dire wolves just as with other animals, however since the dire wolf does not exist anymore, there are many people who take it that the dire wolf is nothing but a mere myth. Interestingly, the dire wolf is not a myth; they actually existed before they went extinct after the last ice age. The dire wolves were known scientifically by the name Canis dirus, and they actually existed, inhabiting North America as well as…

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  • Logos In Never Cry Wolf

    The book Never Cry Wolf By: Farley Mowat came out in the 1960’s. The book is about how Mowat comes out to explore the forest of northern Canada. He calls it Wolf House Bay. Then he meets this wolf pack that he will be spying on for a couple of months. He soon gets really attached to them and starts to give them names like Lupine, Uncle Albert, Angelina, and George. Farley Mowat uses a lot of logos in his writing to persuade everybody that the wolves are not savage killers. When he made it too…

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  • Gray Wolf Research Paper

    In 1960, the wolves who had covered most of the United States found themselves hunted; a hunt that would last until the 1960’s when they would be put on the endangered species list after their populations plummeted. The species of Gray wolf that was most common in the U.S. was almost hunted to extinction because complaints from ranchers and farmers that the wolf was a mindless, selfish, gutless killing machine. However, it is obvious through careful studying and monitoring that the wolves are a…

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  • Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO)

    Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO) is inspired by grey wolves. The leadership hierarchy and hunting mechanism of grey wolves is mimicked by GWO algorithm. GWO employs four types of grey wolves such as alpha, beta, delta, and omega. GWO consists of three main steps of hunting, searching for prey. Encircling prey, and attacking prey [38]. GWO is benchmarked on many challenging test problems and applied to some real engineering problems. The results reveal that GWO is able to provide very competitive…

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