Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

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Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome The goal of this paper is to summarize and synthesize five research articles that are relevant to my PICOT question. My PICOT question is: In patients that are withdrawing from alcohol, what is the effect of benzodiazepines, compared to other drugs in the treatment for Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome (AWS)? The synthesis will include inconsistencies and contradictions in the literature that was reviewed. Lastly, I will provide preliminary conclusions on whether the literature that was presented has enough evidence to support a change in daily practice.
In my practice as a correctional nurse, we start assessing inmates that are at risk for alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS) by using the Clinical
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The results show that there is evidence that carbamazepine and gabapentin can be use as monotherapy for the treatment of AWS (Hammond et al., 2015). “The evidence for use of NBACs to target heavy drinking in outpatient settings is stronger than the evidence for AWS, with most evidence being in support of topiramate and gabapentin” (Hammond et al., 2015, p.293).The evidence that shows that carbamazepine and gabapentin can be used as a stand-alone intervention for AWS is not strong enough to change practice.
Preliminary Conclusion According to Sutton (2016), “Benzodiazepines are considered the first-line therapy
In the treatment of AWS” (p. 32). When comparing the literature from all five articles, I was able to find that benzodiazepines have stronger evidence than other drugs for the treatment of AWS; therefore evidence supports the use of benzodiazepines for the treatment of AWS. No other evidence is strong enough to support a change in practice in current research. No strong evidence shows which of the benzodiazepines are better, therefore more research is

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