Alcohol withdrawal syndrome

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  • Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Case Studies

    INTRODUCTION: Alcohol is a part of New Zealand culture and is considered as an inevitable factor for celebrations and for relieving stress (“Alcohol misuse”, 2016). Long-term high rate of alcohol consumption can lead to alcohol misuse and make people dependent on alcohol. It has now become a very common thing to see an alcoholic patient presenting to the hospital frequently to treat the withdrawal symptoms. Most of the patients admitted with Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome (AWS) have multiple management problems such as withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, liver disorders, electrolyte imbalances, seizures, poly substance abuse and depression (McKeon, Frye & Delanty, 2008). I have taken care of alcoholic patients who present with AWS because they had to stop drinking due to lack of money to buy alcohol. These patients are discharged from the hospital after treatment, but it is unfortunate to see that most of them are readmitted with the same complaints. It is high time to tackle alcohol misuse problem as it has a detrimental effect on our society. This assignment will discuss the use of Diazepam to treat Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome (AWS). The patient will be referred as Mrs G in the following discussion. A summary of the case study is provided comprising of patient’s history, medication list, laboratory investigations and plan of…

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  • Mr Can Case Study Essay

    1. What are the possible links between Mr. Can’s nutrition and his diagnosis? Mr. Can’s medical report indicates that he has poor nutrition which is revealed by his high body mass index of 26.7. Obesity increases the likelihood of being diagnose with Hepatocellular Cancer (HCC). Mr. Can had a past 20 year history of alcohol abuse, which may have contributed to his diagnosis of cirrhosis. In turn cirrhosis and hepatitis C are common causes of HCC. Depression on the other hand can lead to over…

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  • Physical Dependence And Addiction Essay

    I believe that no one should consume alcohol because of the way that they act after consuming it. There actions are just horrible and alcohol should never have been invented in the first place. It causes people to act crazy, get into accidents, and even die. 2.) A person may believe that recreational drugs are safe and that you can make a lot of money from selling it. They may think that recreational drugs are "cool" because it can get you "high". They do not think about the consequences and…

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  • Jailhouse In Thunder Bay: Article Analysis

    Christopher Coaster was an inmate who died in solitary confinement at the Thunder Bay Jail in 2008. Coaster had broken his bail agreement by drinking alcohol and was picked up by police. His breach of bail could be due to an interactionist theory called continuance commitment where a labelled deviant or criminal attempts to move past their deviant behaviours. Attempting to reduce the stigmatic reputation and pursue an alternative lifestyle is often too difficult so they revert back to a criminal…

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  • Essay On Benzodiazepines

    The experiment was conducted at the Psychiatric University Hospital of Zurich which was a qualitative study aimed at patients for treatment strategies and withdrawal treatment. The sample of participants was obtained by purposeful sampling and saturation sampling. These methods of sampling ensured that everyone in the experiment was a viable candidate for testing. There were a total of 41 participants, 31 male and 10 female. Each told the doctors their duration of use of their benzodiazepine,…

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  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Essay

    From the moment the baby is conceived, until it is born it is affected by what the mother does. You get high your baby gets high. You drink your baby drinks. Excessive exposure to alcohol during pregnancy can inflict serious, permanent physical and mental damage on your child. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is one of the nations top concerns in unborn infants. It’s a growing problem. More and more babies are born each day with this problem. Any women are at risk of having a child with FASD. Its been…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Tramadol Addiction

    Bloody urine Chills or fever Problems with balance Increased blood pressure Blisters Convulsions or severe seizures Blurry vision Bloating or excessive gas Pain in various parts of the body (arms, legs, jaw, calves) Nausea Jaundice More severe health problems are more commonly associated with tramadol overdose. These problems include: Sudden changes in consciousness Irregular heartbeat Breathing difficulties Confusion Anxiety and paranoia Although relatively rare, complete loss of…

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  • Psychological Addiction Essay

    Psychological Addiction Psychological addiction deals with how drugs affect a person’s mind. Research has proven that “drug abuse changes the brains chemistry” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 52). Addiction is also “considered a disease of the brain” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 52). Psychological dependence is the “need to use a drug to relieve negative emotions” (Meyer, pg. 109). A person may “spend a great deal of time in activities necessary to obtain and use the drug” (Stevens & Smith, pg. 52).…

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  • Flight Movie Analysis Essay

    such as film, music and television, alcohol is often associated with success, physical attractiveness, romance, and sociability. Very often, the media sidesteps negative repercussions of substance abuse. This can influence individuals to have a stronger desire to drink as they have an attitude towards alcohol that is more favourable. As a result, alcoholism has been ranked as the most harmful drug compared to others (Nutt 2012). The movie “Flight” draws away from the media’s represented norm of…

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  • Alcoholism In Medicine Walk By Richard Wagamese

    results from alcohol dependency. In the novel Medicine Walk by Richard Wagamese the reasoning behind repression of alcohol abuse are evident through characters Eldon Starlight. The reason for his alcoholism is traumatic and its effects both himself and those around him which causes greater harshness. Eldon begins drinking after he was forced to leave his home as his mother chose her abusive husband over him. Meanwhile Eldon’s alcoholism arises after he kills his only friend to ensure his own…

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