Mr Can Case Study Essay

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1. What are the possible links between Mr. Can’s nutrition and his diagnosis?
Mr. Can’s medical report indicates that he has poor nutrition which is revealed by his high body mass index of 26.7. Obesity increases the likelihood of being diagnose with Hepatocellular Cancer (HCC). Mr. Can had a past 20 year history of alcohol abuse, which may have contributed to his diagnosis of cirrhosis. In turn cirrhosis and hepatitis C are common causes of HCC. Depression on the other hand can lead to over eating or lack of appetite.
2. Outline your nursing assessment, planning, interventions and means of evaluation for this situation.
• Assess patient nutrition and fluids intake (calorie, fluid intake and output and weight) and monitor for nausea and vomiting.
• Bloodwork: CBC, electrolytes, liver function test, INR, PTT and alpha fetoprotein determination
• Assess for pain/discomfort in abdomen.
• Assess vital signs for elevated or decrease in BP and elevated pulse
• Assess for depression (withdrawal from friends)
• Assess for peripheral edema, weakness and mobility.
• Measured abdomen for any indication of ascites.
• Assess for symptoms of Delirium Tremens (DT).
• Assess skin for itchiness and bruising.

• Decrease weight by monitor fluids and calorie intake and propose exercise.
• Monitor bloodwork results.
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Therefore, as a nurse I will provide culturally sensitive care by consciously taking into account the voiced, values and beliefs of my patients, while caring for Mr. Can. I will have an open mind and aim to create a non-judgemental care. I will be open to learn about cultural concerns and be sensitive to any concerns he may have regarding the method of treatment or trust in our nurse-patient relationship. I will ensure that Mr. Can is treated equally with respect and ensure confidentiality of all that we

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