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  • Sharon Zukin's Why Harlem Is Not A Ghetto

    stores in Bensonhurst have been closed down due to gentrification. The physical fabric of the neighborhood has experienced the displacement of stores, restaurants, and residents. Places, where Italian businesses used to be located, have been replaced. Evidently, there is a new cultural image being consumed, pertaining to its new beginning. For instance, two blocks away from Gino’s Focacceria is a Szechuan restaurant called Spicy Bampa, which is generally crowded with Chinese-Americans who are attracted to the hot pot buffet appeal. Restaurants like Spicy Bampa are catalysts for change (Mooney, 2011). In Sharon Zukin’s “Why Harlem is Not a Ghetto,” she discussed Leah Abraham and her husband’s fusion…

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  • Bensonhurst Research Paper

    Research Assignment Final: Bensonhurst Like many neighborhoods in New York, Bensonhurst has also been subjected to gentrification and reurbanization. Undeniably, over the years, my neighborhood has experienced death and life as an authentic urban place. Essentially, the drastic changes of the population, social relations, and etc. have led to the development of its current authenticity related to its new beginning. Bensonhurst has undergone a cultural, social, and economic transformation;…

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  • Personal Narrative: Fresh Off The Boat

    question how you defined yourself, in terms of not only cultural identity, but also your fit in society. Last year, I showed my parents a new television series called “Fresh Off the Boat,” which describes the childhood of Eddie Huang and his family, immigrants from Taiwan. Wanting to learn more of my childhood, I asked my parents if their experiences as immigrants were similar to what was being depicted. Growing up, life wasn’t easily, but my experiences weren’t the worse. Prior to my…

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  • Reflective Essay: Growing Up In The United States

    Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, I was exposed to several different types of cultures and different foods from all around the world. On my city block in Bensonhurst we had the likes of Turkish, Japanize, Croatian and Russian people to name a few. Before joining the Army I had little idea that I had merely scratched the surface of the different types of people that there was in the world, at least in the first world countries. After some time in the service what I discovered was that some people…

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  • Hate And Hate Crimes

    usually the leader of the group that has some sort of extremism and the children get caught up in the crime. So what is a hate crime? A hate crime is defined as a crime motivated by racial, sexual or other prejudice. Next, is reactive crimes, also known as defensive crimes. This is the second type of hate crimes that is identified by Levin and McDevitt (1993). Levin and McDevitt (2002) found that: “These are crimes in which the perpetrator is reacting to what he considers to be an intrusion that…

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  • Discrimination In Jaimonda

    working world so she can experience what its like to live in New York so she got a job as a waitriess called Istanbul in sheepshead bay made minium wage which. Raimonda hated it but she said its what taught her how to talk and act towards the American people. The place that it was- Turkish restaurant there were all immigrangts just like raimonda but they understood the vernicular. As time went on the econmy was getting worse the mother got laid off from her job the father was loosing money…

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  • Tribal Rites Of The New Saturday Night, By Ernest Hemingway

    bad stuff about people but when they do something good the media is quiet because this isn’t what gets views. If our media portrayed certain races in a better light people may lighten up on racism. The death of Yusuf Hawkins, 20 years later, by Sewell Chan, this isn’t a story but more of a news article. A black teenager was shot to death after a mob taunted him and attacked him. As humans we always want to be the dominate group. Look at human itself we learn to control animals and learn about…

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  • The Underground Man By Rich Cohen Analysis

    brought gambling into New York and put slot machines into every grocery store. These were the guys who were selling alcohol during the prohibition. Before there was even an Italian Mafia, people like Lansky and Arnold Rothstein were the head of the society. Gangsters even had involvement in presidential elections. Every person is fully described in the book as well as their motivation and drive for doing what they did. How they dressed, what they ate, and where they hung out. In the end of the…

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