Why Sport Is Important To Me

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As a young boy, I always loved to play sports, going outside with my father either kicking a football, throwing a tennis ball, or shooting some hoops. Sport for me is a way to express myself. At the age of 4 I learnt how to ride a bike, taught by my sister in a caravan park named “Cairns Coconut” In our family of five, I have an identical twin named Matthew and a Sister named Sarah. A place which sticks in our family’s heart is Port Elliot Caravan Park. I have been going to there for 15 years, over those 15 years I have made many friends, one of the family’s that we have kept a close relationship with is the Haydon’s. They have been going for the same amount of time as we have been.

At the age of 11 I was juggling 5 sports at once, these
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However, Division 2 team were in the semis. The night before the semi final game we got a phone call asking me to play for them, due to one of there players had broken their leg. The game was against the second best team in the competition, Central Districts, us being first (Undefeated) I knew how privileged I was to play for the team however, if we were to lose the game it would make us undefeated and not be able to make the grand final. Making me really pressured to perform. I had one day to practice before the game, I got changed and ran outside. I spent nearly the whole day practicing and reviewing scenarios, making sure I was fully prepared for the game. As night came I began to get more and more nervous. As soon as I arrived I began less nervous, and less pressured. It hit 8:00 and the whistle went, I was sitting on the bench waiting for my time. 2 minutes before the the 2 quarter had ended I was called up to be swopped for our Guard. The whistle blew again and the game started, I got the ball and brought it up the court, calling out “41” (A offensive play” We got into our positions and played from their, I managed to catch off guard my defender and cut straight through the centre receiving the ball and laying it up, making us only 10 points behind. The whistle went for the quarter and we all huddled, the coached subbed me out, and replaced me with the normal guard (Which I didn’t mind) We talked

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